Anyone else watch Switched at Birth regularly?

It’s kinda funny how some shows will catch on in a big way on here (like, have a thread every week dedicated to it) and some are never ever mentioned, it seems. I’ve done a search for Switched At Birth and it’s never had its own thread, not in the five years it’s been on. I guess it’s not that widely watched or liked?
Anyway, I just recently started it myself and I’m finding it surprisingly good. Better than I thought it would be. No spoilers please…or, at least, put spoilers under tags.

I like it. Watch it regularly. Learned some signing, but I like that no one is perfect.

I’ve seen maybe the first five eps or so. I quit watching because I didn’t find any of the characters likable and some downright irritating.

Watched the first season, then got behind and never watched it after they came back. Love the deaf redheads but don’t really have a way to catch up, so oh well.

My daughter and I watch it regularly. Without spoiling anything, there is an episode in a later season that is done completely in ASL. It’s fantastic.

Is it the best show on TV? No. Is it a reasonably good soap opera that is interesting to both young adults and more mature adults? Yep.