Anyone ever picked up hookers?

I have for 10 years now. Street walkers only. just curious to hear about anyone elses stories about it. And share my own experiences. Since ive never told anyone about it before. The first time it happened the hooker ended up being one of my elementary school classmates (a girl) mom. Anyways does anyone else have any crazy stories. Ill share any and all info and experiences. Its a miracle ive never been arrested. In the early years i was green and had no safety precautions. Never talk about sex
Or money until they are in the car and you are driving away. And even then ask to see their tits. Feel them and then ask them to touch your dick. A female cop wont do that not to mention wont get in a car with a porltential lunatic with a loded hand gun. One time i stopped for a girl and her friend jumped in back and stuck a 45 to my head and her friend got in the front. Im alive but it didnt end to well. Ive learned alot since then tho. Im a successful person financially. I just love the thrill of it. And im not ugly and not really shy either. Ive been with over 150 girls before i started picking up hookers. Anyways anyone have any crazy experinces? Or questions lol

Great first post!

Anyone ever picked up hookers? Yes, or hookers wouldn’t exist. Have I? No.

How did it end?

Do you find most of the girls are working to support drug habits?

I think 99% are drug addicts. Its kinda odd to me bacause i know about 50 guys that would gladly let women pay them for sex. But thats not how the human nature or nature in general works. Some say they arent drug addicts but i dont believe them, like one out of 50 will say that they are not drug addicts. I dont ask they just throw it out there. Its risky because alot of time they are carrying crack and a pipe on them. And i hate it when the want to smoke a rock before they start.

The incident where the girl jumped in. They were both black one tall skinny the one in back short and looked like a dike and was a dike. I stopped for the tall girl and the dike jumped in first but almost at the same time the other girl jumped in. I was initially thinking the girl in back just wanted to ride along. Until i saw the gun in my face. She was kinda waving it and said give me all your money. She wasnt yelling and was talking kinda mellow actually. Before i had much time to think the front girl grabbed my wallet and bolted out the door. I ignorantly hid it in front of my seat on the floor board. Thinking it was hidden from view. But the front girls forward stance as she was turned towards me and past to see her friends acrions she was practically in the dash. Anyways she bailed and i instictivly grabbed my door handle and bailed after her. The dike stayed in the car. I ran her down. She threw the wAllet in the air and kept running a bit. My shit flew every where. No money tho. So im frantically gathering my wallet contents the skinny girl runs back to the car i run after her again the girls quickly lock it and are saying give me your money and we will leave. Its broad daylight on a commercial side road but theres traffic all over the place. Im standing there looking in the car at the girl pointing the gun at me and im trying to get back in the car?!?! It all happened so fast i could barely think of what the f was even happening. So i suddenly realised fuck the car and i said im calling 911 and started walking. They put the car in drive and went down to an apartment and turned in. This apartment ment has one entry no other exit. So i watched from about a half mile up the road while talking to the cops and told them were inthought my car was and then i got interviewd by the cops. I tried to lie about what happendd but i didnt think it thru enough and long story short i ended up telling the cop i was trying to pick up a girl and her friend pulled a gun. They didnt write a report thank god. They just said ur cars there go get it. I had a spare key and i went home. Lessons learned. Dont stop when theres more than one person within 20 feet of where you stop. I had a pimp jump in once also he showd me his hagard looking 22 but he just wanted a ride i think they got out down the street. Same deal happened. Its to risky to sop when there in a bunch. Especially when pimps are around. I think the dike was her pimp. Shes in prison i later learned thru the hooker grape vine. Thank goodness

All I have to add is sigh

Those are three previous threads on the subject. For what it’s worth, 150 in 10 years seems very low to me. I was with about 140 working girls just in 2015.

I already read those threads. The one guy lost his virginity to a hooker. Light years from my scenario. I was with 150 girls from when i was 14-25. Like i said before i started picking up hookers. And that guy was a pussy and let girls jack him. I got car jacked but it was only because a gun was pointed at my face. But in 2015 i was with about 60 working girls. So yes you are way more of a slut than me congrats.

OP, how would your experiences have been different if sex work was completely legal?

Yeah, his fishing boat had broken down and he needed a ride back to a phone.

A thick wall used to hold back water? I don’t get it.

No, they’re all just doing this temporarily, until they get the acting break they’ve been waiting for.

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