Anyone ever try the Tingler?

I’ve finally bought The Tingler, something I’ve been dying to try for months now since I heard of it. Most reviews are positively orgasmic about it, but I was hoping to get some unbiased reports. Of course, I do this AFTER I bought it already…

I don’t know if I buy into the whole copper thing, but I do know that I really like having my hair washed/brushed/played with, so there could be something to this. Otherwise, I just wasted $20.

Never heard of it until now. If it’s anything like the Mr. Happy thing, which it kinda looks like only more spidery, then you’re good to go.

FWIW, I figured it was a dildo or something at first.

Yeah, I thought it might come across that way. I was going to say the Tingler massager, but that didn’t really help either…

Oh, yeah, and it’s made by the Happy Company.

I thought you meant THE Tingler

I was at a bar and someone had one of those things. The materials are not worth anywhere near $20 (it probably costs 25¢ to make), but the pleasure you get out of it probably will be.

It feels REALLY good.


mouthbreaker what kind of bars do you go to that people bring those! Maybe I don’t want to go out drinking with you when i come to Atlanta!

My Mom-in-law has one.

it’s ok. I mean it feels niiiiiiiiiiiiiice, but orgasmic?
no, not that good.

hey punky. you better like the bars mouthy will drag you too…now that he’s your OFFICIAL stalker!

I own one. Yep. Bought it when it was on Memepool or one of those link pools, oh, 6 or 8 months ago. I only tried it a few times, wasn’t that impressed, had a couple friends try it, they weren’t really impressed. I think we might have been using it incorrectly, or maybe we were just skeptical and didn’t give it a chance. I’d almost completely forgotten that I own this thing, but now I’ll go find it and see if I can make it work. Let me see if I can give a better review.

Scream, scream for your lives!

I suppose that would apply to both Tinglers…

puzpenk – You know, the cool ones – with bath houses and third-world prostitutes. Oh, c’mon…like any of you people go to bars to drink beer. Sheesh.

Mouthbuzzard that’s hot but now I am curious if you were thinking of the same kind of tingler that gundy was talking about?


as your stalker’s assistant,
I am here to remind you of your date with mouthbreather in ATL on May 14th at the “hairy hippo lounge”. it is located on the corner of peachtree dr and peachtree blvd.

please be there promptly at 5:00. Mouthbreather has some other stalkees to attend to that night.