Anyone heard this theory on Jimmy Hoffa?

There is a town by where i work that is home to a cheese factory, F&A Dairy

This area of Wisconsin is notorious for being home to rum runners in the 30s and being home to many gangsters later on, and this cheese factory “used to” have ties with the mafia. Obviously i can’t prove it, but it is entirely plausible.

Some of the old timers were talking about the mafia running the factory and how they were building and expanding between 1974-1975, pouring tons and tons of cement. Right around the time Jimmy Hoffa went missing.

Is it possible Jimmy is actually spending eternity under a cheese factory in small town Wisconsin?

How cool would that be?! :smiley:

That’s not a “theory,” it’s just wild-ass baseless speculation.

As it turns out, Jimmy Hoffa is more likely buried in the heli-pad of this Sheraton Hotel in Savannah, Ga, which incidentally was owned by the Teamsters- or his union workers - which could have hired any hitman if any were involved.

If he is in Wisconsin, it might as well be under a cheese factory in Amery.

Although he’s been declared legally dead since 1982, the fact no remains were found presents the theory he could be anywhere like under the Giants Stadium, or even alive in Brazil, the country, which is also the name of town from Indiana where Hoffa was from.

Maybe we should go and dig up the cheese theory, that would be quite a revelation to the FBI and conspiracy buffs alike.

Right idea, wrong Sheraton…

The former Sheraton location that was owned by the Teamsters is located east of the city, on Wilmington Island: It was and remains a much more secluded location for dumping a body.

The Sheraton hotel in the photo you linked was built in early/mid-2007, and opened on July first of that year. It’s located in downtown Savannah - i.e. the Historic District - at one of the district’s busiest intersections. I know, because I was part of the management team that opened it, and still have nightmares about that construction and opening process!

To save people the effort it’s Dresser, WI that the plant is located at.

The area was more to do with vacationing and smuggling for Al Capone. The fields and woods of Wisconsin were a dumping place at that time for the body of many a Chicago person. Sometimes the people traveling the highway from Chicago to the area would pay for goods with expensive personal items. Here’s a gold ring for a tank of gas.

I dunno, meat & dairy just doesn’t sound kosher.

The story I heard was that Hoffa was drugged and taken out to a rural area, where he was shot (“2 in the hat”). His body was dumped in the trunk of a car, which was then driven to a junkyards-where it was crushed and sent to a steel mill. What ever remains of JH is probably part of some steel beams somewhere.

Thanks so much, I was almost certain I had it wrong, but couldn’t make any other connections to such hotels.

My daughter claims that if we ever emptied our freezer, we might just find it.

Giant’s Stadium I believe is going to be demolished soon, FWIW…

And the FBI says they have no interest in looking there. Special Agent Bryan Travers said:

The FBI has dug up plenty of sites looking for Hoffa, including a horse farm in 2007, the house of a Teamster official in 2004, and a backyard poolin 2003.

Everybody has theories about who actually killed him and where his body ended up, but 35 years of intense investigation has yielded no real answers.

In our house in New Jersey, the basement floor is far from even, and there is a big lump in the middle. We tell everyone that’s Jimmy Hoffa.

Old post, but i can confirm that this theory is nearly spot on. Someone down below said the factory was in Dresser, that is incorrect. It was actually the Rogersville cheese factory. After they pulled out of the Rosendale area, their main WI base was Dresser.

The factory was indeed undergoing construction at the time of Hoffa’s disappearance and there were visits from mob goons at the same time.

Something that i rarely ever hear is how deeply Frank Sinatra was involved. He made regular visits as well.

I have very little doubt that Hoffa is under this factory. Or maybe parts of him are.

Source: Related to the master cheesemaker/manager of the factory during that time period. He is the one who was forced to make the actual payments to the mob.

Was his name David Grusch, by any chance?

Embedded in poured concrete is a terrible place to hide a body. The concrete will be weakened, and is likely to crack open and reveal it. Plus, putting the body in or under a building at all is a bad idea, because it gives searchers a landmark. If some informant tells the cops “He’s buried in this factory”, then they know exactly where to look. On the other hand, if the informant tells the cops “in this forest”, or “in Lake Michigan”, or whatever, even if it’s known to be 100% true, it doesn’t really help, because it’d take ages to search the entire forest or lake (in which time the body would probably be completely destroyed by scavengers and decay anyway).

What about the theory that Jimmy Hoffa was dumped in a vat at the factory and went out into the world as a giant wheel of Gorgonzola cheese?

Stuff like that happened in Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, only the bodies were transmuted into Durham’s Pure Leaf Lard.

Oh, and in case anyone counters that the Mafia wanted the body to be found, that doesn’t make sense either. I can see that the Mafia might sometimes want to “send a message” with a body, but if that’s the goal, they’re not going to be subtle about it: They’re going to dump the body on the front steps of City Hall, or something like that. There’s no incentive to hide a body in a way that it’ll be found in a decade or so, like it would be in a building: That’s too long for sending a message, and too short for trying to destroy the evidence.

These urban legends are great for adding to the touristy aspect of visiting your otherwise boring town.

I hesitate to ask. Why do you think Frank Sinatra was involved and making frequent visits to a cheese factory in Wisconsin?

Frank Sinatra really liked cheese.