Anyone try Domino's new pizza?

So it’s too late for my regular pizza place to deliver, and I’m starving. I remembered hearing Domino’s scrapped their old pizza, so I thought to give it a chance.

I can happily say it doesn’t taste like cardboard anymore, Not the best pizza in my neighborhood, but it passes the edibility test, and isn’t a bad alternative for desperately hungry nights when I don’t want to go out… like tonight.

Anyone else try?

I haven’t had Domino’s pizza in years, but I might try it again if I hear a lotta rave reviews. What’s the crust like, Italian-bready? (which is good!) Is the sauce sweet? (which is not good).

Well, this is no rave review, but Domino’s has it’s place in my life late nights. I used to get the cracker thin because I hated the crust of the normal bread. The sauce is more flavorful, not sweet, but a maybe a little sweeter. I hate sweet sauce too. The upper crust seems to have a touch of garlic, butter and oregano on it.

A surprisingly honest reflection of their old pizza, (and unsurprisingly over-enthusiastic take on their new pie), ad:

It’s not the greatest out there – where I live, or probably where you live. But compared to it’s last pie, it’s better. If **memory serves **me, (it’s been a while) , it’s a *little *like Little Caesars, only I would say it’s better.

When did this change happen? And does it apply to every restaurant?

It was a few days ago I guess. I’m pretty sure it does apply to every restaurant since it was on the Today Show in a clip below the ad, which was dated the 17th.

I didn’t have any problem with the old Domino’s. Unfortunately, no one delivers where I live, and Domino’s is way the hell off my route home from work. Little Ceasar’s is right on the way, and has those large 1-topping for $5 pies always ready to pick up, so that’s mostly what I do for pizza now. Got one today, in fact.

Hey, I live in the heart of Chicago, and love the local pizza in all its manifestations, and… I kinda like Domino’s, too. It’s not as good as Due’s or Bacino’s, of course, but it has its place. They make a decent product, and you can’t beat it for price, convenience, and speed.

Tim, are you speaking about the new pizza, or their old?

I liked their old pizza (for what it was - certainly there is better pizza, but not as convenient or inexpensively). Comparing it to Little Ceasar’s is not a compliment; we have a LC nearby and we get it for the kids but I can’t stand it. In order of preference, if I’m getting fast-food pizza, I’ll take Domino’s first, then Papa John’s, then (if I’m starving) Little Ceasar’s.

It’s been a while since I had Ceasar’s. You may like their old pizza better, but after trying their new one, I think you would be in the minority.

Perhaps, but I’ll keep an open mind and try the new one. Possibly I will like it as well or better. I just didn’t see anything wrong with what they had, I thought it was quite good.

Food is food, but Domino’s is just about the worst excuse for pizza I have ever come across, not counting the strange square things we got in high school back in the late 70’s. Don’t know anything about a Domino’s overhaul. The last one I had was a couple months ago. We decided to give it a shot, for a change of pace. It was shriveled, cold and way overpriced.

Frankly, I haven’t noticed a change. I’ve had it sporadically for years, the latest one being two nights ago. If it’s changed, it was too subtle a difference for my palate to detect…TRM

I’m going to try it. I’d rather have pizza than anything else - a mediocre pizza beats a peanut butter sandwich, and a less-than-mediocre pizza beats nothing. They seem to have some new exotic kinds, like Pacific veggie and chicken bbq, but I’ve never heard a peep about them.

It must have been the very day, or the very next day, it changed when I called. Even if you still thought it was somewhat similar tasting, you’ve had it enough times to realize there had to have been some changes made. Good Sal, I want another person to try it, so someone else can try to describe it. I would still rather have the NY style a place down the street serves. Yum!

I just had some last night, and… well…


The old one may have been bland, but the new one is just nasty. The new crust is oversalted, over-seasoned, over-garlicked, and generally tastes like you took the contents of your pantry, stuck them in a food processor, and then choked down the resultant muck with a gulp of salt water.

And I tend to like things on the heavily-seasoned side. I love garlic, can’t usually get enough of it. I can’t imagine what someone who prefers blander food would think of this.

So **Tanbarkie **Likes the older Pizza better. (REALLY!?)
You’re right, It is quite seasoned… (I’m paying for that today)!

Tan, you would say the change is a *noticeable *one right?

Dominos has had an obsequiously sweet sauce for a long time and their stated goal with the new pizza was actually to make a sweeter sauce.

According to the press release:

Blech! Although to be fair I haven’t tried it and won’t bother.

It’s not super sweet at all, and I don’t think their sauce was sweet to begin with. I thought it to be a bitter paste. I’ve had different grades of sweetness to their pizza, and this is not *that *sweet. It’s ‘tangy’. I’m the type of guy who doesn’t like a lot of sauce regardless…

Help to see if other’s who’ve tried it think the same.

What strikes me as odd is the video about the new pizza has all of these people talking about how they’ve been doing this for 20 years and so forth, and just NOW they realize “hey, we could be making pizza a lot better!” Like they’re talking about garlic and oregano like they are the first to ever think to use them in a pizza sauce. It’s like a Rock n Roll hall of famer saying “we’re going to shock the world with this thing we call ‘diminished chords’.”