Anyone Want My Pepsi/ Song Codes?

Looks like you gotta move quick on these…


Incidentally, I’ve placed a voodoo curse on this code. Using it without acknowledgement will cause all your MP3s to be replaced with copies of Bill Shatner singing Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.

I got this one. You da man, Hal. Thanks a million! Or at least 99¢.

Incidentally, I was planning on purchasing that Bill Shatner.

Wow…I’m on quite a roll here. Had quite a few winners in the past 36 hours. The latest:


Gotta love instant e-mail notification. Thanks again, Hal. I won’t be online again until Monday, so I promise not to take any more (until next week, anyway).

Ah. I have yet to buy anything from the iTunes music store, although I have browsed through it. But I can still buy a song and burn it to a regular old CD usable on my CD player, right? And the protected AAC is still usable by an ipod, even if it takes up more space?

Yes and yes.

iTunes can also rip mp3s from reguler old CDs.

First come, first serve… EWTCATKHZ3 :smiley:


Wow…I don’t get my Pepsi from the Walgreen’s around the corner too often, but I don’t think I’ve bought a loser there yet…


Mind if I?

No Pepsi today, Hal? :smiley:

Hal’s addicted to the Pepsi, we’re addicted to the codes…

Hmmm maybe this belongs in “Make up your own Conspiracy Theory” thread.

(I’d link but argh it takes four minutes just to get the reply window to open)

Oh, plenty of Pepsi today, but they all seem to have the same code:

PLEASEPLAYAGAIN :slight_smile:

Woot! Winner…
Hmmm…is that a subliminal suggestion that you download Over The Mountain or Suicide Solution, maybe? :cool:

Aww I supposed it’d be unfair for me to grab two in a row…

Leaving this one up for grabs - for a few minutes anyway :wink:

You’re not crazy. Time’s up. Thanks again, Hal! :slight_smile:

LOL :wink: At least now I won’t feel guilty if I get lucky next time around… (Totally neurotic about being unfair, I am)

Hell, I’m just glad people are playing nice. :slight_smile:


Been subscribed to this thread for 2 weeks now, and I finally got one. Thanks Hal

Waddayaknow…just doing some unpacking from my recent move, and I came across an unposted code:


That’ll probably be the last of these, so use it wisely. :slight_smile: