Anyone want to crash a 747 into the SDMB server?

I don’t think it could get any slower.

Not funny, and did you register just to complain about the boards? Get the hell out of here.

  1. Shoulda been here a few months ago.

  2. What’s up with registering and instantaneously bitching about the place.

  3. I, for one, am not quite ready for WTC humor.

You are free to find a faster message board. Hell, encouraged even.

And yes, it could get slower, and in the past has been slower. Due to the generosity of the Chicago Reader, it was upgraded a while back and got considerably faster. However, there’s really only so much they can be expected to provide for free, and as the board continues to get ever more traffic, it’s going to get slower.

This is MOST seriously fucked up, and I wanted to say so before the thread gets locked and deleted.

Jeez, if I were you I’d back out quietly and try again. I seriously doubt you want your first impression around here to be the one you’re currently leaving.*

[sub]*“I’m a grossly insensitive bellyaching moron.”[/sub]

Like they say in Texas, El Paso.

I just saw your introduction post over in MPSIMS and was about to welcome you and greet you as a fellow recent member. But I clicked on your profile first and got led here…
I am not well pleased.