Anyone watching Severance (new show on Apple TV)?

It takes skill to set up a season finale that provides some satisfaction and sense of closure and yet provides a hook for a second season. I think it’s easier to skip the sense of closure altogether. Why write a story with a beginning, middle and end, when you can get by with just a beginning and a middle?

Just got through season one.
My theory is Lumon has larger more nefarious motives. The Eagans are clearly a family that buys into the importance of their own legacy and has their eyes set on using their power to influence global politics.
By convincing someone to sever they now have control over the “innie” and use their work time performing psychological conditioning on them (thus all the work being emotion based tasks) and make them controllable servants. Then by using the “overtime” method release that servant under their control out into the real world when and wherever they please without anyone knowing.
Convince powerful/influential people to sever and you now have access to controlling a puppet of them out in society.

I finished S1 and really enjoyed it. Great cast, intriguing scenario, terrific Corporate Dread vibe. It seems to me, on some level, that it’s a parable about the erasure these days of the line between work life and private life, with the drones in a sterile, dehumanizing office environment menaced by unseen dangers just around the next well-lit corner.

Hmm, thanks! Poor Peg.

Good catch! I totally overlooked that. Another Milchick… hmm.

Wow, another good catch! I didn’t make that connection at all.



Definitely. The season-ending cliffhanger had me very wound-up.

As others have noted, we see lots of Lumon products in the kitchenette and supply closet.

Yes, absolutely. I don’t mind a few loose ends, but I hope the showrunners really do know how it’s all going to end, and are able to stick their landing.

Absolutely. I said to my family early on, “At the end, I want to see the FBI raid Lumon and drag away every Corporate goon who’s been tormenting the innies.”

And see: Severance Season 2: What We Know So Far

But, what if it was the Government all along …?

My speculation over the deeper story has occasionally gone with Lumon being ultimately institutional rather than corporate evil.

Very much looking forward to Season 2 to tell us more.

Clearly, the baby goats are in charge of everything.


Season 2 January 2025.

Damn, it’s certainly taken long enough! Now I know how to plan my rewatch of all of season one before the next season starts.

Almost exactly three years between seasons, that is ridiculous.

The strike was a huge factor in that.

Innies make great scabs.

:: golf clap ::

Oh man, I really liked the show, but I’ve forgotten 95% of it already. But the 9 episodes were so overlong that I just don’t want to relive them (in this reality). A simple recap isn’t going to be enough.

I need the Viewers Digest version.