Carnivale 10/12--Did everyone give up? Spoilers, likely.

Did everyone give up watching? According to an article in the NY Times viewership for Carnivale’s dropped down to a little more than half of its 5.3 million premiere. I, however, am still tuning because I actually think things are getting more interesting.

The connections between Brother Justin and Ben (and the Carnivale itself) became more pronounced with the cause/effect nature of Justin’s sermonizing/prayers about Babylon and the murder of Dora Mae, the “harlot.” RIP, Meatloaf’s daughter.

Babylon creeped me out, with the miners standing silently outside the roadhouse and their mass joyless entrance into the carnival. There were no children, either, were there?

Ben scrabbling through the mind shaft was very strange, with finding Scudder and the body of the man he killed, then seeing what I thought was “avatar” written all over the wood beams. I have no idea.

It’s official: I quit. That whole mine shaft thing was the final straw for me. And wtf is Scudder?

Wait, you know what, I don’t give a rat’s ass who Scudder is. I quit.

If you don’t know who Scudder is/was, you quit two eps ago, Happy. You just didn’t know it.

That explains it!

I still love it. I watched it twice last night, will probably watch this episode a few more times during the week. I still don’t understand why everybody is so impatient. They aren’t going to string you long for 12 episodes and then just stop and never explain anything. One of my Prof’s commented that people today can’t handle anything that requires patience and thought, and I’m really beginning to believe that’s true, based on the comments in the various Carnivale threads. There are still six episodes left this season (and I don’ tknow if there will be a S2…), things are heating up, and I can’t wait to get to the bottom of the mystery.

I’m still watching, but this latest episode seemed erratic and draggy. The whole bit with the mine and the Zippo was barely effective, and the extended act the “strippers” went through was disappointing. This week, in total, was stretched to about three times its effective length. In other words, we got about 15 minutes worth of drama in 45 minutes worth of show time.

Done. Enough with the enigmatic scenes already. Got better things to do with Sunday evening.

Ah, a girl who doesn’t remember Twin Peaks. Me, I gave up after the first episode.

“Who’s Annie?” smash

I’ve enjoyed every episode. It’s one of two shows I actively look forward to each week.

I missed two episodes ago, so I don’t know who Scudder is. I’m confused, but I’ll keep watching. It’s been nothing but creepy so far - no women in Babylon either, were there?

It’s all so very dark. It does fit in with my ideas of what the dust bowl was like - everyone dirty and solemn all the time.

It’s the Twin Peaks of HBO.

That’s not a compliment.

I’m even more into the show now–which is possibly not a good thing. I’ve been trying to confine my comments to another board, though, as folks here don’t seem as into the show as me.

Last night’s show, Babylon, was fairly creepy. I’m starting to lean towards the carnies being on the side of evil, but I could be wrong–I’m just getting that “Management” is the Devil vibe. I never watched Twin Peaks so can’t compare the two. I am liking just about every actor on the show, though.

It may be the masochist in me, but I enjoy a series that requires a large investment IF I can be fairly certain that the payoff will be worth it. I’m putting HBO’s reputation to the test.

I read that the two story lines (the carnival and the preacher) don’t even intersect until the next season.

I’m still likin’ it, and I’m almost to the point where I think the slower the better.

As long as the finale isn’t “they were all dead” or “it was just a dream”, I’ll be okay. I think. :slight_smile:

I like it a lot. It’s a well-crafted show with a a strong cast.
Babylon was probably the oddest episode so far, but I like odd.
I thought the miners, both as they stood outside the bar peering at the carnie’s revelry, and when they came en masse towards the Carnivale, looked much like zombies.

I read that the creator of the show said that it will take three seasons to tell the whole story–so I’m not looking for things to happen quickly.

That’s “How’s Annie?” not “who’s.”

I haven’t given up but I haven’t made it all the way through this week’s ep yet. I was distracted by this sweet young thing IMing me, you see, so my focus was split. I’m up to the part where the miners are filing into the carnival.

I need to go back and re-watch the ep from the beginning tonight.

As for people slagging Twin Peaks yet again, piss off. Season one and the first part of season 2 through the resolution of WHo Killed Laura Palmer? remains and will always remain among the most brilliant hours of television ever produced. Even the second part of S2 was better than 80% of what was on TV at that time. The show dared to break the prime directive of network television in that it required the audience to commit to it and pay attention, something vast segments of the viewing public are unwilling or unable to do. Carnivale can only hope it will attain the greatness that is Twin Peaks.

I’m still watching and enjoying the show. I think the climaxes of the last two episodes were very haunting and I find the picture of dustbowl life fascinating (isn’t anybody ever clean?). However, I wouldn’t be staying with the show if it weren’t for the fact that my TiVo records it for me without any effort on my part. If I had to go hunting around and arranging my schedule to catch it, well, it ain’t worth that.

Well, I think you’ve identified the problem, perrperlandgirl. The only mystery is “What the hell is going on here?” There’s no particular reason to be involved in the answer other than you’re interested in what’s in creator Daniel Kauf’s head. And while he may be a perfectly interesting guy, I don’t know why you’d need this information unless he owes you money.


I’m enjoying the show and thought Babylon was the best episode so far. I definately think the miners are zombies or ghosts and the bartender is some kind of supernatural power (isn’t there a somewhat famous story where there’s a ghost town where the inabitants try to leave during the day but always return at night? Someone help me out here). Also Lodz is definately no good.

That said, however, I can understand people’s frustrating with the show. I can appreciate slow pacing and build-up, but Carnivale pushes it to the point of being ridiculous. You need to have ome plot developement, particularly with the whole Scudder storyline. No more screwing around, they need to get somewhere with that storyline fast.

Yeah, the whole thing grinds to a halt whenever the Scudder storyline crops up. Y’know, if Ben really doesn’t care to learn about the one person who shares his power and might even be his damn father, why should I, Jo Viewer, care?

I do like the freaks, though, Samson, Jonesy and Lodz are great characters, and the LesYay! between Sofie and Libby was yummy. Poor Dora Mae–that horrified me.