Apocrophyal Strange Names

My mom works in a pediatrician’s office and told me the same story a few years back.

Missouri man legally changes his name to ‘They’
It’s just They, no surname.

I was watching a PBS special the other day and they were interviewing a neurologist by the name of Dick Swaab. Poor bastard.

Allowed? What would stop them?

Who can forget NASCAR sensation Dick Trickle? Check his online store for tshirts proudly proclaiming membership in the “DICK TRICKLE FAN CLUB”.

Someone beat me to Dick Pound.

For the double names, there’s an NPR anchor named Bob Roberts. Dunno what the Bob is short for but its usually Robert.

I’ve heard of a young Milwaukee girl named DaFiness (sp?). The joke goes that her sister is named DaNastess.

The OP was talking about apocryphal strange names, the best example of which is probably Walter Matuschanskayasky, believed by many to be the real name of actor Walter Matthau.

But, to jump on the general weird name bandwagon, no list would be complete without the immortal Dick Pole.

Chief Kamanawanalea & His Royal Macadamia Nuts were not an actual 60’s rock band.

My grandfather claimed he used to know a man whose full name was “United States Peoples”. I’ve also heard of a man named Lear who named his daughter “Crystal Chanda”.

Well, you know what They says…

There was a Houston socialite and philanthropist named Ima Hogg, daughter of Texas Governor James Stephen Hogg. But it is not true that she had a sister named Ura Hogg.

It was William Lear, the guy who started Learjet (now part of Bombardier). :cool:

I went to school with a kid named Harry Weiner. No joke. Lived in my neighborhood. Endless suffering, that boy went through. Endless suffering.

I knew a Dick Bern.

A good friend of mine had a boss with the best one of all, Dick Whithers.


I knew a teacher who swore that these kids were in her school disctrict, although they weren’t in her class.

I know a Micheal Hunt.

In a fraternity rush party in 1967, I was introduced to a TKE named Richard Dick. His frat brothers called him Double.

For several years, I worked with Beecher Jones. The joke was, if you can’t get a date, you just go home and Beecher Jones.

I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned Dick Rodgers yet.

(NB British slang: to rodger = to have sex. Is this widely used in America?)
A friend of a friend … of a friend swears he knows someone named Clive Oscar Jones. He never thought there was anything strange about his name until he found himself explaining to the Spanish customs officials exactly why he had COJONES stencilled on his luggage.

Hey everybody — once again, the OP asked for apocryphal strange names. That means strange names that are spurious, that are not real.

Neither was the Atomic Enchilada. The Crossfires were, though.

It is apocryphal, not apocrophyrparal. Can a mod please change the thread title? It makes my eyes bleed!

Ah lighten up, ya buzzkill!