Apocrophyal Strange Names

About five to ten years ago a friend’s boyfriend, who works as an HR manager for a large insurance firm, claimed that he’d seen an application that listed two children as Lemonjello and Orangejello. I’ve since seen or heard of this elsewhere, but my BS-meter, finely tuned since joining the SDMB, buries into the red on reflection. Is this verifiable or an Urban Myth? Are there any other similar strange but unbelievable names that are true or believed to be myths?

The Jell-O twins, along with their cousin Nosmo (newest son of Mrs. King), are staples of the “I once heard of a kid named…” genre. Variations on “Major Major Major Major” like “Thomas[sup]3[/sup]” and “William Williams” and so on are more plausible.

…of course for evidence all I’ve got is the fact that my mom went to school with Thomas Thomas Thomas, and I met him at her high school reunion.

Yeah, I’ve heard of the Jello twins from two different sources, each cliaming to have heard about them from “a friend”. BS.

My mother swears she had a student named “Placenta”. Mom likes to tell stories, so I don’t think I really believe her.

A friend named her daughter “Bailar”. She had no idea it’s the Spanish verb for “dance”, but she liked the idea after I told her.

I worked with a girl named “Wyinterist”.

As Og is my witness, several years ago I taught twin boys who were named Derrick and Darrick (pronounced the same).

As I recall, there was a singer back in the 1970’s named Peter Lemonjello. He briefly had a TV show. Whether that was his actual name, I couldn’t say.

I’ve heard several people swear blind they were at school/college with Ophelia Balls, and Everard Dick.

What is up people? It takes six replies before someone gives the Snopes link?


The Jello twins are the star running backs at TCU in Dan Jenkin’s novel You Gotta Play Hurt.

A friend who worked as a social worker in a hospital swears she had to talk a mother out of naming her daughter “Placenta.” But my friend never claimed a child actually had that name.

Mark Lemongello used to pitch for the Astros, but that was an authentic surname.

The Snopes link also cites a Cagney and Lacey episode using the name Female. This was taken, I’m guessing, from **Alfred Bester’s ** The Indian Giver, where a character was named Fe5Graumann’sChinese after the place she was born (female, Row 5, Graumann’s Chinese Theater. :smiley:

But there was a politician in New Hampshire from the Swett family, first name of Richard. Which is fine, but it still amazes me that he’d publicly use the nickname Dick.

And I personally know two versions of the “Richard Richardson”/“Richard Richards” variety (names changed to protect the innocen-, uh, guil-, well to protect the children, think of the children!).

There are legions of Dicks (heh) that probably wish their parents had never procreated, or at least had had the foresight to use the diminuitive version to see if it would work with the last name before saddling their kids with it. Dick Armey comes to mind, and I’ve known many others, including a ‘Dick Peters’. But if the name sounds too outrageous to be true, then it probably ain’t.

Three decades back, a friend of my was a high school teacher and swore that there were two sisters in her class named Urina and Latrina. I never met the girls personally but it’s better than “a friend of a friend.”

For what it’s worth, this was Dunbar H.S. in Chicago in the early 70’s.

I did know someone with a name of the form X Xson; names like that do happen. It was ‘John Johnstone’, or something like that, and I think he had a son named Don. (Or maybe it was the other way around, but these names are real, and others have heard of them.)

I’ve heard a couple people insist they had a friend who had a friend named after a drug or drugs. ‘Marijuana Cocaine Jones’ or something like that. That would be a name of the type described in the Snopes link. I seriously doubt that someone would be allowed to name a child after an illegal drug, or that someone might change their name legally to that. If it was real at all, I think it would be an assumed name, or a stage name.

We know a woman who is a nurse at a hospital who said that she had to talk a woman out of naming her daughter “Vagina”.

My mother went to school with a girl named Iona Boob. Iona was her middle name, so she could have gone by something else. Unfortunately, her first name was Mildred (apologies to any doper Mildreds out there.)

My parents are friends with (and I have met) a woman who was named Melody Lyric Music before she married and adopted her husband’s surname.

Dick Pound making waves…

In one office I worked in, one of the typists was named Debbie Duck, and she was married to Donald Duck.

There’s a Dick Johnson who’s co-anchor of the Chicago NBC station’s morning news show. Yes, he goes by Dick Johnson, not by Richard or anything else. One morning his co-anchor presented a fluff piece about commonly-used fake names when ordering pizza. After the piece, he admitted that he tends to get skeptical responses when he orders something and has to give a name.

There’s also Dick Wolf, who is the producer of the TV show “Law and Order”.