Apparently Dan Aykroyd is nuts

I was reading todays paper and came across this article.

The interviewer asked Aykroyd about 2012. Dan has some rather odd ideas about what is going to happen:

This kinda bums me out. I always liked Aykroyd but I had no idea he is nuts.


He’s a big believer in the supernatural. His character in Ghostbusters probably isn’t that far from reality.

Yeah, he’s been nuts for a while.

Pop goes the little bubble of the idea that he was normal. :frowning:

Well…he is Canadian…

Also from wikipedia:

Yeah, not normal, never was…

His great-grandfather was born in 1855 and is not deceased? :eek:

Yep. He’s still hanging around the farm house.

Aykroyd demonstrates his webbed toes, in fact, on Mr. Mike’s Mondo Videos, during a segment entitled Celebrity Deformities. A fun show, all around. Aykroyd also plays the High Priest of the Church of Jack Lord in it.

Nothing about his weird real-life beliefs, though.

Yep, Dan Aykroyd has always been drawn to odd and far out stuff, but for some reason I always thought he was supposedly a pretty good guy overall.

Then a few years ago, I read (right here on the SDMB) that a Doper had worked with him for a bit, and said that the very married Aykroyd was constantly trying to nail any woman with a pulse who was within eyesight.

Hard for me to think he is such a good guy anymore, which is kind of a bummer, as I know that he really tried to help and encourage his old friend John Belushi, who he loved like a brother…

So, at least he’s normal in one respect.

Plus he wears sunglasses when it’s dark.

Despite being married to Donna Dixon?!?!??!

I sure hope that’s not true.

Crazy like fox, I’d say. He knows how to use his crackpottery to sell stuff. (warning: auto-play video)

To paraphrase Dr. Venkman, “Dan has gone bye-bye.”

Webbed toes and he never became a competition swimmer?!?!?! What a waste.

Slight hijack: this begs the question, Is there a website that gives the scoop on what celebrities are like in real life based on real-life accounts of those who have interacted with them? Something like a cross between those Celebrities in the Buff sites and those “Rate My Teacher” sites.

Gotta believe a site like that would garner some hits. Because everyone seems curious about the “real life” celebrities (myself included) and just as many people want to “kiss and tell” (so to speak). Just sayin’.

There’s a business model that would work!

I guess that would explain why he hosted that “Psi Factor” show. (

So in 2012 I would imagine most material wealth will be meaningless. Does anybody know if Dan has started divesting himself of long term investments and cash and, if so, do you happen to have his contact info?

Steeped in it or stepped in it?