Apparently, I'm more attractive in some cities

On a recent trip I noticed that on some cities on the East Coast I get many good-looking women checking me out every day, while on the West Coast that almost never happens.

Is it possible to have a face/body that is considered attractive according to the norms of one city but not another?

Is it possible that the heavy winter clothes required at this time of the year on the East Coast better suit me than the light clothing that is worn on the West Coast?

Has anyone else noticed a similar thing about themselves?

Probably, possibly and no.

In fact, I’d say clothing could be a huge part of it. Anything that hides your shape forces people to gauge you more by your face.

That’s the whole premise of the show “Hot In Cleveland”

Apparently Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick are not hot in Los Angeles, BUT they are hot in Cleveland.

Like I wouldn’t give my eye teeth to look half as good as any of those three

You could also radiate good cheer and general awesomeness when you are travelling, and be a lot more glum and gloomy when you are at your hometown during average work day … or maybe vice versa if you don’t like travelling and like your work. Or maybe you like winter weather and it shows on your face?

Not very surprisingly, people in good mood tend to be a lot more attractive.

It’s also possible that people on the west coast are more sneaky about when they check you out, or check you out in a way you aren’t used to. I know I seem to be able to check out women in a way that they don’t seem to notice.

Oh hell yes.

I have a same-age cousin, a redhead from Barcelona. All through our childhood, we’d always meet in Barcelona, or at least in Catalonia. Since I can remember, being with her in public made me feel like “the redhead’s brunette apendix”; people would always adress her first, smile at her first, and tell her what nice girls we were. Me, I was just Little Brunette Number Seventeen, holding the bag with the bread we’d just bought, possibly wearing a dress identical to that of the redhead’s.

Then one summer in our early teens, she came to spend the month of July, and we went to Sanfermines. Now, while we’d moved out of Pamplona to a nearby town when I was four, Pamplona is still a town where people “place me” instantly, as soon as they hear my lastname; it isn’t my official ancestral hometown but the official one is 10km away, my ancestors could ‘go to town’ and come back in time for lunch. Everywhere we went, guys would address me first and, only after I mentioned ‘my cousin’, realize there was a redhead attached. And it wasn’t a matter of me having developed and she not or anything like that: both of us had looked the exact same over Easter, and Easter had been appendix as usual.

Now it was appendix time for the redhead, mwahaha.

One train ticket, roundtrip Barcelona-Tudela: about $25.
Gas for driving six people to Pamplona and back: about as much as for driving five.
The look in my cousin’s face and the grin on mine: unpayable.

I’ve sometimes thought about the deliberate version of this: to increase one’s dating chances, move to a place where most of the people are uglier than you…

Yes, but I chalk it up to the women, rather than myself. The East Coast seems to have a shortage of attractive single men, which makes me more desirable.

I think this is relevant: Ex GF, with big knockers, from Egypt said that she is much hotter in the US than she was in Egypt because big ones are less adored over there.


I have noticed that certain women are much more likely to flirt with me than others. Mostly black women. I think they may be more accepting of fat guys than other groups are.


Ever see Love, Actually? :stuck_out_tongue: Doesn’t have to be uglier than you, just different. One lady’s meat is another one’s dessert. :smiley:

I have a friend who went to college in Washington state and now lives in Virginia. She insists that men are hotter on the west coast.

When I was in Scotland, people constantly checked me out. Here, not so much. Of course, it could have been because I had a tan and no one else in the country did…

Could be demographics. San Francisco has one of the highest male:female ratios in the country and New York City has one of the highest female:male ratios in the country. Assuming other regional cities follow this pattern, men are relatively scarce on the Eats Coast and women are relatively scarce on the West Coast. This would affect the dynamics of who’s checking out who.

I’m hot in Montréal and Québec City. (Or possibly women are just generally chattier/flirtier there than they are in Stickupyercouver. One of those.)

MeKaRo is in Quebec City this year. I’m probably going. Hmm…


Naught to do with what you look like or what your job is, OP, but I think of it as the George Costanza (Seinfeld) effect on the East Coast (where there are more women and relatively fewer eligible men). A straight, single man with a job (with the Yankees no less!) in New York City is a hotly sought-after critter and gets instant attention from the numerous ladies… When I was in California, just about everyone, male and female, was unbelievably hot! I can’t say why you don’t get as much attention from women on the West Coast, unless the sex ratio is different. Or you look like a pale East Coaster who is just visiting and will go back home soon.

Your race may have something to do with it.

I know black guys who, at home don’t really get noticed, but when they go to places like Santa Barbara, where there are a lot less of them, they stand out.

Also in Santa Barbara the blonde hair/blue eye doesn’t work as well, because there are a million girls like that, but other places they’re rarer.

Don’t it just, though? I know lots of single guys and lots of attractive guys, but single attractive guys? I think I’d have better luck finding Norumbega…

This. My sister-in-law used to work in Philly, and once was in a hair salon where everyone was oohing and aahing over someone’s blonde, blue-eyed little girl. SIL said it was as if they’d never seen a kid with white-blonde hair before, because of the dark Italian stereotype - everyone’s a brunette or has very dark hair. SIL’s from the upper midwest (as am I) and said, “I’ve got three nieces just like that back home.”