Apparently, My Whistling Is Racist

What parts?

I’d go see 'em.

Thanks Hal…Your story actually made me cackle with delight. No small feat as I am feeling rather grumpy and pregnant right now. Glad everything worked out alright!

Upon opening this thread, I pondered what brother Hal could have done to annoy. He doesn’t come across as the type who would whistle Jump Down Turn Around Pick a Bale of Cotton in the workplace, or anyplace for that matter. Oh Lordy, deliver us from the hypersensitive. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. I once got accused of sexual harrassment because I, shhhhh-

was overheard mentioning to a coworker that I was going out with my girlfriend that night

and it SERIOUSLY OFFENDED a born-again Christian at the office walking by. He didn’t have a problem with people discussing heterosexual relationships though. Or, apparently, the fact that our company was a search engine and our biggest advertisers/content was porn. No, apparently, goat sex, balloon fetishes, S&M, and grannies in corsets is fine, but NO HOMOS.

He didn’t have many friends at the office, needless to say.

That shit is bananas


I thought you might have been whistling the tune that I heard in a cartoon (dang if I can remember the production company) years ago. In it, some slow-walking wolf with a southern accent was trying to out-smart three pigs. Every time he was setting up another trap, he’d be whistling the tune to Kingdom Comin’

A slight hijack related to whistling and racism in a very round-about way.

I can’t whistle because everytime my grandmother overheard me trying she’d say “a whistling woman should have her neck rung like a chicken” in Afrikaans. Terrified me enough that I never learned. Seems like Afrikaaners don’t like women whistling for some reason and they’re not a cultural group renowned for their racial sensitivity.

You’d better sing the words then, which are plainly nothing to do with the Japanese at all, and let’s face it, Hitler’s in no position to complain about the unsubstantiated allegations of being somewhat challenged downstairs. :cool:

Or any other sort, for that matter. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Don’t take this the wrong way, but damn you’ve got a talented tongue. Do you take requests? How about By the Time I Get To Arizona? Fear Of A Black Planet? Bring The Noise?

Just don’t whistle Dixie.

(well, it made me laugh)

SO does this mean that if I hum German robot-pop, I’m at risk of offending the robosexual population? :slight_smile:

Why thanks…the trick is to whistle while inhaling as well as exhaling.

By the Time I Get To Arizona: I can pull off a passable version, but you’d probably wouldn’t know what I was whistling unless I told you.
Fear Of A Black Planet: Ehhh…not one of my favorites.
Bring The Noise: Oh, hell yeah! Anytime…:slight_smile:

Oh, geez. I can’t believe how paranoid/overly sensetive some people are. There’s a world of difference between whistling a rap song and whistling Nazi war party songs (I don’t know if there actually are any, but I wouldn’t have put it past them).

I can whistle The Stars & Stripes Forever. I wonder how many other talated whistlers we have around here.

No, I don’t mean just the “Be Kind To Your Web-Footed Friends” bit.

Inkleberry and Lute Skywatcher…thanks for the info. I’m going to go stick my head in the sand now.

Someone pull me out if and when sanity is free to roam the earth unhindered.

You’re thinking of MGM, who produced many Tex Avery cartoons. I believe the Southern talkin’ wolf was one of his creations.


I guess I was committing a major misogynist hate crime when I whistled Sugar Walls while I worked.

Yes, I do whistle. Yes, I have whistled the tune Sugar Walls. No, I was not using it as a mating call.