Apple Honors Steve Jobs: Dear God Why?

See here for images which show off what I mean.

I’m not sure what to say about this. Now, I could maybe see this at Google; I could see this kinda-sorta matching their odd Google-homepage themes and so forth. But Apple? Really? This?!

Maybe, just maybe this could somehow work in a specific context, but I doubt it. This seems like they sought out an artist who could msot efficiently give Steve Jobs the finger. This is like some kind of madman’s monument to the heroic and struggling artists crushed by churning out obnoxious busts of Soviet-era “heroes”. Although come to think of it, the ugly head at the top does look rather more like V. I. Lenin than Steve Jobs.

I’m trying to see how any of this reflects Jobs, Apple, or even basic concepts like Apple’s . Hell, the U.S.S Enterprise would have been a better statue. Any of them. This just looks like some kind of nightmare come to life, like it was some kind of twisted creation from the mind of Guillermo del Toro. I’m not saying I wanted a giant iPhone in Apple’s lobby, but I don’t understand how this in any way reflects Apple, Steve Jobs, or his idea about design. The bust on top seems like a tiny afterthought, simultaneously creepy and imposing all the more for it being a trivial detail in its design.

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Well that’s a whole lot of What The Fuck.

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I have heard tell that Jobs was kind of obnoxious and difficult to work with, maybe the people at Apple remember what he was like and think this artless stick reflects how they felt about him.

Favorite comment: “Apple’s new pez dispenser.”

The guy obsessed over design, made some of the sleekest products, eliminated corners.
This filthy looking bit of chunk is one way to show how well they’re following the path he laid.

Ok, my two cents: The ‘runes’ make it look like there’s a sword handle sticking out of one side of him, and an alien incubus fetus growing out the other! And the head bust is less than flattering, downright creepy.

That’s almost criminal.


It’s just your regular Steve-Jobs-skeleton-key-telephone-gas-pump. Makes perfect sense.

Wouldn’t it have made more sense to put Jobs’ likeness on top of it, instead of Lakuta of Borg’s?

Can’t see it for some reason

Uh . . . I . . . I don’t actually know what to say.

I mean, even when the piece is really bizarre, I can generally get a vague idea of what the artist was going for. This is . . . a head that looks nothing like Job’s on a rectangular block with random stuff sticking out of it. What?

The shadow actually looks like a crushed scroll of a violin or cello. Apart from that, it’s just mush. I have a feeling someone over thunk the design.

if you look at the shadow, it looks like some sort of clockwork automata with tentacles on its face. poor thing was stabbed in the back with a dagger.

Isn’t that the final boss in the original Fallout game?

EDIT: Oh, now I get it. It actually looks like a bust of a politician as **bandit **said. Not a good one either.

Thalidomide Frank Gorshin with a digital cock and balls.

I’m not a fan of this design, but:

In the first big pic, almost face on, I thought it was a pretty good likeness. And I’ve met the man. The 3/4 profile further down less so, but recognizable.

Eh, nowhere near as bad or ludicrous than the idiots who had candlelight vigils in front of all the Apple stores or laid flowers in front of the Apple stores when Jobs died. Jobs would have sneered at all those people and rightfully so, as he played them for the suckers they are.