Apple Honors Steve Jobs: Dear God Why?

What does this have to do with the statue being ugly?

No 3 wolves, 1 moon, black mock turtleneck shirt?

Hey, at least it’s got genitals. I can imagine little Pez candies shooting out. They’re even the right shape.

How much did the guys who commissioned this really like Jobs? This almost looks like revenge.

Come on who hasn’t wanted to see Steve Job’s head on a stick.

I’m sure that Bill Gates was happy to pick up the tab for this.

I was thinking Jeff Dunham.

Kill it with fire!

more and more, i’ve started to notice this. posts that only make sense when you consider that they’ve only read the title of the OP, and not the OP nor the thread itself.

Right. When I first opened the thread I thought the OP was going to be about wondering why Apple would honor Jobs. Then I read the OP, clicked the link etc and got it.

I hate to pile on - as it seems a little mean, but there has to be something else going on here.

Doesn’t there?

One of the linked pages from the link claims that there was sketches and photos sent. I don’t know if that means photos of that piece or not - if it was - why the need for sketches. It sounds like they might not have seen this “actual” version. Does that maybe make sense as to how this would be possible?

I dunno, why do people pay millions of dollars for art that is basically paint randomly sprayed on a canvas, or one solid color? People have really fucking strange ideas of what constitutes ‘art’, and I think at least half of them only value that sort of thing because other people tell them it is ‘art’.

I mean, they could make a Steve Jobs piece as this monstrous large Octopus/Cthulhu-oid statue with his raging head upon a 30’ high mass of writhing tentacles which scared the holy fuck out of everyone who approached it, and the believers would pass it off as a metaphor about how Steve had a hand in every aspect of our lives with his inventions (which weren’t really HIS inventions for the most part).


or a tall, thin Herma with a Captcha instead of a penis.


Poetic Justice.

I actively disliked Jobs, and I still don’t approve of this. They could at least have done a better job on the likeness, to make it visually clear who they were mocking.


I’m guessing they’re going into the brewing business and this will be the tap handle for ihop beer (and pancakes).


It’s “art.”

It’s just a small scale model, not the the finished piece. Not that I like the thing, but I’m sure the final one will look more like jobs.

I was far more impressed with the video link below the story - of the Chinese artist doing work with paper - now THAT was spectacular! They should have hired that artist.

Steve Jobs loved simplicity in design and style. I am not a big Apple fan, but I have to admit - design was always the main reason I did like Apple products. This statue is anything but simple and clean.

I never met Jobs personally (although I was cut-off by him on the freeway once, and for that, I carry no grudge), but I know a lot of people who personally knew him and he treated them all like crap. From being a kid until working at Apple. If you’ve got to have a statute of your company founder, at least this one is honest. He was an ugly guy. On the inside.