April Fools in the media 2014 (spoiler alert)

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Here’s a good roundup of stuff on the web so far: http://aprilfoolsdayontheweb.com/2014.html. Feel free to submit stuff from other media too though (TV, film, comics, radio) or even your own pranks.

I’m really fond of this year’s xkcd. It seems to be a combination of choose your own adventure and crowd sourced dialogue.

Think Geek never fails, of course. I think the tactical tie is most likely to become a real product, though the flux capacitor USB thing is cool too, and the Nerf Nuke would be fun if it had a delay on it.

Tactical tie you say? That would go good with some tactical pants.

Anything going on in the daily comics? Any switched characters or artists/writers?

I was thinking more along the lines of this

What am I missing here? I just see a comic like every other day. The mousover text says something about every choice beginning a new story, but I don’t know what to make of that. Is something clickable here? If so I’m having trouble locating it.

ETA: I just noticed that the strip I’m seeing is identical to yesterday’s strip.

It seems that when the server is overloaded it defaults to yesterday, but when it’s working, you see one panel with a few choices, and clicking on one will produce a new panel, and often there is also an option to submit your own dialogue.

Well, this is on a very popular Doper site.

On the GolfWRX forum, some wag posted that Tiger Woods had undergone back surgery, and would miss the Masters and US Open. We had a good laugh. And then Tigerwoods.com, ESPN, CBS, the Golf Channel, etc. all confirmed it.

It appears to be genuine. The OP confirmed that he was just joking, and was as surprised as anyone to find out it’s true.


Stay on the splash page for a few seconds, it takes some time to load.

Duluth Trading sent me an email this morning advertising a sale on their “Longtail Dickeys”.