April [Snow] Showers

This is the only thing that I do miss about Detroit.

In DC.

and it’s starting to stick to the grass.

In about 10 years here, it has never snowed this late in the season.

I love it. :slight_smile:

Tho’ it shall probably end by daybreak.
(This will probably be a lonely post)

It snowed in England last Wednesday - huge great drifts of white stuff. Next day it was summer. Make yer bloody mind up !

It’s gone here already, Sterling (I live out in Calvert County). But it was pretty while it lasted.

Still, I’m ready for more balmy weather like we’d been having!

I managed to pick up a mild case of sunburn playing golf yesterday (with temperatures in the low 70s in the Philadelphia area), and this morning it’s just below freezing with about four inches of fuffy snow on my lawn.

The snow hasn’t stuck to the roads, though, and it’s all supposed to be gone by mid-day. Ya gotta love April.

Fluffy snow, not “fuffy” snow. Sheesh.

Oh, yes. Don’t you just love that wacky Michigan weather? No? Well, just wait an hour; it’ll change.

The weatherman is a fink!


Squeaks from BrainWeasel’s Cage

Well then, come back! There’s lots there now! Or you could just come to my house, in Flint. Bring lots of bags. I’d be happy to share the snow in my yard with you. I’m not greedy.

Cristi, Slayer of Peeps

I made my husband join a bridge club. He jumps next Tuesday.

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When I woke up and it was snowing I was even more giddy than my son was. I LOVE IT!!! 'Course, it melted quickly, but damn! It’s snow! That’s all that counts!

Up here in upstate NY we got what looks like 4 inches today. Yesterday was shorts and teeshirt weather. I don’t understand it. And I was starting to get used to the warmth. We friggin’ planted grass yesterday.

Sunny. Windy. 4 inches of snow covering the spring violets. Wind chill zero degrees. I love it!