Archer S11

FYI, starts tonight. Sploosh!

Wow, I had no idea they were even making another season. Do we know if they’re doing another genre season or going back to main continuity?

Guess I’ll bring the cardboard boxes upstairs to rebuild Fort Kickass.

I want to know when the hell Season 10 is going to come out on DVD? I have the other 9 seasons. I assumed the release was delayed due to COVID and that when 11 started airing they would do the usual tag long promotion and start selling the previous season. Nothing yet.

Per the trailer, Archer wakes up from his coma, and they go back to the original continuity.

Wait, what - there’s a Season 11? Going by the end of S10 I’d assumed they were wrapping it up.

Thanks for the Heads-up, Lick-Bag!

Wow. They Eff you in the A right off the bat!
Not very good, this episode.

Wow, really? I loved it. I haven’t really enjoyed an episode of Archer since sometime about halfway through the film noir season, and the Sci Fi season was just a joyless slog that I watched but that never once made me crack a smile. Last night I laughed out loud at Archer again! And was interested in the characters and what happened to them! Solid outcome for a Wednesday!

There were two new episodes, back to back. I thought the second was the better of the two.

I liked both episodes, and the return to the quasi-independent spy agency plots, but I have to wonder how many new viewers they could possibly be bringing in. So much of the humor depended on remembering old episodes - like Cheryl liking to be choked, Pam being in underground fight clubs, Krieger’s crimes against humanity - that I think someone not familiar would have been lost and/or bored.

Dammit, I missed the start of the new season. Eat grenade, stupids!

Screaming for Van-Geance

Me, too.

Glad that Archer had his nose rubbed in the fact that the agency actually does better without him. Great motorcycle chase to kick the season off. Nice to hear Jamie Lee Curtis as the INTERPOL thief and Stephen “Ned Ryerson” Tobolowsky as Lana’s new billionaire husband. And I wonder how many prospective valets Archer will interview before hiring one (if ever)…?

Favorite lines:

"Woodhouse. Woodhouse! Oh. Never mind - you’re dead. Which is just so selfish!"
“God, we get it, Phone. You ring.”
“I’m supposed to be here at a time?”
“Uh huh, nodding, no need to explore.”
“I’ve just never met a bald fortune cookie before.”
“Hey, uncalled-for! Also fair.”
“Thanks, Archer. I know it took a lot to almost not insult me.”
“If this is about a package which just arrived, super don’t open it.”
“What? She stole my flask, Mother. I’m the victim here.”

“Beer and wine? What am I, twelve?”

Fun fact: for a long time in Russia, anything below a critical threshold, like 10%, was not classified as an alcoholic beverage. And one Ukrainian told me flat out she refuses to drink anything with less than 40% alcohol.

Great episode.

And while I appreciate the show’s more sophisticated and referential humor, I haven’t laughed in weeks as hard as I did watching Pam and Krieger repeatedly fall down.