Are anyone else's parents this backward?

Ever since my parents got divorced, I have learned several things about my father.

My dad has never been a progressive fellow on race and gay rights issues, but he had opinions that were not unheard of for his generation (He’s 52.)

However, in the past few weeks, I have learned:

**He thinks Jews control the economy.

He thinks women shouldn’t make the same as men for the same work because (exact words) “men have penises” and “men are dominant.”**

The last one really took the cake for me. I didn’t think anyone from the Baby Boomer generation on with a reasonably normal life believed this. In fact, the only place I hear such views espoused these days is on Jerry Springer.

Is my dad just going through some post-divorce mid-life crisis? Or is he simply revealing what he’s always thought to be true, but would never say with mom around?

The sad thing is, he refuses to change or listen to opinions contrary to his own. I pity him because of that. I have strong opinions, but I will always listen to contrary arguments that have solid evidence behind them. He has lost the ability to do even that. :frowning:

Yes, my parents are that backward. Really, just my dad. My mother is an RN and always taught me that, “on the inside, we all bleed the same color.” So I always thought I was brought up with this liberal, one-color-fits-all kind of attitude toward people. I learned from her to judge people based on who they are and how they treat me and others – not on external factors like skin color, or even religion or sexual orientation. Thus, I am, as an adult, friends with all walks of life. And thank my mother daily for inheriting her accepting, tolerant, open-minded attitude.

Recently, my dad came to Florida to visit me. This is North Florida, where the severely racist term, “Cracker” was invoked back in the day. The black to white ratio here is a lot different than that in Ohio, where Dad lives. So we go to Taco Bell (inside to eat - EGAD!) a couple blocks from my house.

On the way home, dad sez, “Is this the ghetto neighborhood?”
Me: Not particularly, why?
Dad: All the workers there were black!
Me: That’s because this city – and the South in general – is much more desegregated than up North. Remember all those marches in the 60’s? That was a bunch of Yankees who hopped a bus to the Deep South to shove our morals down the throats of Southern Culture. We did it to them but didn’t practice what we preached. Here, we all live together in the same neighborhoods down here and get along and all that. Hey, didn’t Jesus teach you not to judge other people, that “As I have loved you, love one another?” Shouldn’t you lay off the snap judgements about people until you get to know them? I thought you called yourself a Christian?
Dad: Hrumph. [silence]

See, my Dad never voiced this kind of bigoted opinion until I was older – college or later. I don’t think he wanted to teach me to be a bigot, but once he realized I was forming my own opinions and making my own decisions, he stopped thinking that his comments would influence mine. Which they don’t… anymore! IMHO, your dad is doing the same thing. Just revealing what he thought to be true, only never in front of your other parental unit(s).

I’m okay with you pitying him … I kinda pity my dad too (I love him – even if he is a misogynistic, homophobic, bigoted, holier-than-thou Jesus Freak! I call him, “the God Squad.”). At the same time, try to accept that he was raised in a different time, with different values and will probably not ever change. His opinions are set in his mind and if anyone voices anything different, well then it’s just plain wrong. Be glad that you have learned the ability to remain open-minded!

Also, at least be glad that he kept quiet about those opinions in your formative years.

I’ve a few severely racist, homophobic, misogynistic (fill in every any applicable –ist or –phobe here as well) people, and you can be sure that their parents were the exact same way, and very vocal about.

I know that’s a small thing, but it seems like (if that is the reason you’re finding these things out now)at least they know that they are wrong for having such opinions.

My dad is very backward. He’s racist, sexist, homophobic and sometimes just plain stupid. He once wanted to join the KKK, he hates anyone who isn’t Aryan-looking and said he’d disown me if I ever married a Jewish/Black/Asian/Anyone not pure white man. He also said he’d disown me if I turned out gay. My mother on the other hand is the complete opposite.

Mom woulda cleaned Dad’s clock if he ever said something like that.

Mom’s a tough chick!:smiley:

I have an uncle who is kinda like this.

He’s always saying I gotta watch my back around Jews.

When I call him on it, he says something like, “well, they’re not all like that, you just have to be careful.”

Ever tried to argue with the cork from a wine bottle?

Same thing.

So you admit to watching Jerry Springer?