Are Atheist, Anti-Gun, Pro-life, libertarians ruining things for everyone?

I must admit that I’ve lurked on this site for a little while, reading the various posts and getting familiar with the various personalities on this board. For the most part, it’s a fairly knowledgeable bunch of people involved in the age old discussions of morality, freedom, religion and societal issues in general.

The thing on my mind these days is this:

If old ways are the best ways according to many of you, how come it’s the individuals, the free thinkers, the radicals that are most often credited with the greatest advances in our known (human) history?

Now, not all radicalism is good, I reconize that (Nazi Germany to name an obvious one). But by enlarge, aren’t the shit-disturbers really the ones that get the blood boiling and the gears turning and the changes rolling?

If this is not a completely false premis (and I’m sure more than one of you will tell me if it is - in no uncertain terms) then why such lack of recognition from the conservative side after all these years?

Is it that human life is so short and we are therefore doomed to repeat the mistakes of our ancestors, that we are predesposed to fail to recognize significant cultural/scientific advances until we have no choice in the matter? Is that why we cling to old habits so readily and bitterly against the changing tides?

Or perhaps it’s the conservative forces among us that tether the radicals to a slower pace of advancement so that the new ideas never overshoot what the majority can, in their lifetime, absorb and rationalize with their more traditional views?

Finally, do the atheists ever hope to convince the theists of the absurdity of their unfounded beliefs, or, do the theists pray nightly for the salvation of these tortured and lost souls, hoping that one day they too will see the light?

In short, does anybody here expect to convince the other guy of their opposing point of view or is this all an exercise in mental masturbation? (hope no-one is offended by this last one)


“Are Atheist, Anti-Gun, Pro-life, libertarians ruining things for everyone?”

—Well I, for one, am doing my damndest!


I personally think the time travelers are to blame!

Yes, liberals and radicals make the advances. The problem is that it takes a couple of million radical ideas and idiot theories before you find one with any merit.

I always think that worst cynics and debunkers are frustrated optimists. I sincerely believe that the amazing Randi would like nothing more than to prove an incidence of levitation or mind-reading.

But you just can’t go around accepting this crap without anything rational to support it.

You think that this board is too conservative??? Sweet Jesus, I wish! In my experience, most of the people on this board are pro-choice, pro-drug, card-carrying leftists.

“History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.” -Winston Churchill


The later, naturally. The thing is, like the physical kind, mental masturbation can be lots of fun! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Cecil said it. I believe it. That settles it.


Now, now, some of us are dumbass, squishy-headed, socialistic liberals.

Flick Lives!


Wow Scylla, I couldn’t agree more.

And of course let’s not forget us Democratic, Unitarian Universalist homosexual free-thinkers, either!


Ask the Gay Guy!

How about atheist, pro-gun, pro-death (to concrete slabs :))martial artists? I think we account for our fair share of mayham.

And we can’t forget that there are quite a few libertarians on this board. (Sometimes I’d like to, but they won’t let me! ;))

Enough of voting for the lesser of evils - vote Cthulhu 2000!

BTW: I think “anti-gun libertarian” is a contradiction in terms.

Singledad, I think you are learning something here :slight_smile:
Just to help you get more aquainted, I consider myself a Christian, Pro-Bill of Rights, Pro-Life, Semi-Libertarian.

And I like all the atheist, anti-gun, pro-life, socialists that post here. If we were all the same it would be a little boring.

(ok, maybe like* is a little strong)

I figure, the more time they spend on here, the less time they spend messing up the world. (Maybe they even think the reverse :slight_smile: )

Welcome to the board. Nice first OP. Please don’t turn into a troll.

SingleDad wrote:

As opposed to “pro-life libertarian”? :slight_smile:

A pro-life libertarian just differs on when life begins.

It sure would be nice if we all had an answer that was definite. I am sure that even the most ardent abortion supporter does not support killing a child 1 minute after it has been born.

If we could agree on the moment life begins, then the rest of the issue would work itself out.

“Atheist, Anti-Gun, Pro-Life, libertarians”?

As far as I can tell, I’m one of very few atheist libertarians here. And I’m far from anti-gun. I’m about middle-of-the-road with respect to abortion.

I don’t know of anyone who fits all the categories you specified. Either way, what would Great Debates be if you took out all the existence of God and Libertarianism debates? The only big debates going on would be the homoseuality ones. And what fun would that be?

Hmmm, let’s see if I can stuff myself into any of those pigeon holes.

Atheist - I suppose, but I’d rather be described as an apathetic, or at least a freelance atheist.

Anti-Gun - Not on the sacred life of John Moses Browning.

Pro-life - Eh. I don’t feel strongly one way or the other as I’m not too likely to have an abortion.

Libertarian - I have a few Libertarian leanings, although I describe myself as a Conservative Republican.

So, what’s my score? 1 + 3/2.

Freedom wrote:

Even if it’s a really evil child? :wink:

Well you know…

You wouldn’t want to knock off the Anti-Christ before he gets to do his end of the world thing… :slight_smile:

Rousseau said:

Aw, shit. I lost my card again. I guess I have to leave…

How about obsessive labelers?