Are banks, post office closing for Reagan day of mourning?

My boss, who has been known to be wildly wrong about things, told all the managers in our region on a conference call this morning that the banks and post office will be closed Friday for Reagan’s day of mourning. I can’t find any confirmation of this, and it’s too late to call a bank and ask. She says she heard it on the news this morning, but all I’ve seen is that the stock exchange will be closed. Since Friday is payday, our part-timers really want to know if they can go cash their checks (some of them really hate the delay in depositing thru an ATM, so don’t start that hare).

So can anybody confirm this? I could understand the post office…I still consider it part of the federal government. but I can’t see that banks would willingly suspend business that day.

Not sure about banks, since they’re private companies, but post offices and federal government offices will be closed. Just read that California state gov’t offices were closed by Arnold. One of my co-workers, who is in his sixties complained that he has never heard of this being done for any other president dying. Does anyone remember what happened when other ex-presidents died? Or Kennedy even?

Does the bank have a website? You might check there to see if they’ve posted any info until they open again tomorrow and you can check with them.

Presumably, though, if the government is closing, that means the Federal Reserve banks are closing, so that means private banks close since they can’t transact business without going through the Fed. So my guess is that they are closed.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston has this on their calendar page for Friday the 11th.

That’s what I get for not following my own advice and checking the Fed website before shooting off my big fat yap.

So it appears to be up to the individual bank. Which means you’re probably out of luck till tomorrow morning. That’s still enough time, surely, for the part-timers to find out what how to handle their paychecks.

My bank’s website, and the website for the bank the store uses, don’t mention anything…that’s why I’m asking the experts at SDMB!

Personally, I don’t mind if they close, because I have direct deposit. But these girls come and grab their checks and head straight to the bank.

And maybe I want my boss to be wrong, just a little, because she has this habit of half-hearing things and running away with an idea…she could have been the model for Roseanne Rosannadanna (never mind…)

The last time she did this, our store was having a promotion where if the employees bought a button-type thingy to pin on their aprons, they could wear jeans and a white shirt to work. She heard it as you can only wear jeans and a white button-down shirt.

Heh. Sorry to confuse things further, but my company (an investment firm which will be closed on Friday) owns an S&L. That thrift will be open for a half-day on Friday – people who want to cash their paychecks during lunch will be in luck if their lunch occurs at noon and out of luck if it occurs at 1. So unfortunately, I think you’ll have to check with your particular bank (and indeed, perhaps with the particular branch).

Sorry that’s not much help. :frowning:

I knew about the executive order declaring the day of mourning when it happened, but it wasn’t until today (Wednesday) that my director authorized the closing for Friday. The way things work around here, it wasn’t official policy until the director signed off on it.

Oh boy. I spent my day off for Nixon’s funeral by ripping out the bushes in front of my house because they were promoting a termite problem, and I’ll get to spend Reagan’s funeral up to my ass in washing machine parts… :rolleyes:

From past experience (11.5 years of working for a bank), if the Federal Reserve is open, most banks will choose to be open, too, at least part of the day. If the fed is closed, the bank frequently will be, too, as nothing gets cleared through the fed that day anyway. Banks are not notorious for missing a chance to make money.

[nitpick]Emily Litella[/nitpick]

Post offices, closed. Banks, open. Casey1505, working :mad: .

State offices here in Kansas will be closed. Governor Sebelius authorized it. She also is going to Washington to the funeral, so maybe she figured if she got the day off the rest of the workers should too.

Here in NY I’m off work this Friday (state college library) because the governor said all state offices are to be closed in respect of Regan.

Today is Wednesday, so Friday is closing in. My home equity loan is closing on Friday. Will my closing closing be stopped by a closing? sob

And what clothes shall I wear if the closing closing closes? Will the weather be cool or close?

It will be cool in the car on the way to the closing, so my clothes need to cover. But the air will be close from the car to the closing, so the clothes can’t constrict. I need cool covering clothes as the close closing closing closes!

Wisconsin apparantly isn’t shutting down according to my state worker best friend. She has a bunch of vacation time she needs to burn before the end of the month so she’s taking the day off. We’re going to see The Stepford Wives. Seems somehow fitting.

Damn. That’s my day off anyway. (I work for a state college bookstore).

oh… and too bad about Ronnie.

I called my bank and the store’s bank today, and both of them seemed surprised that I would even think they might close, so I guess that answers that. And sorry about the Roseanne/Emily mix-up. That’s what happens when you get older. Never mind!

Some non-governmental organizations are also closing: