Are male gynecologists professionals or perverts?--this guy says "Perverts!"

It’s the same pastor who called for Obama to get brain cancer and die, but this is much funnier than that.

On the plus side, maybe he’s okay with women becoming doctors, to save men from SIN!

(I will not go into detail of what goes on in the doctor’s office for decency’s sake, but any woman who has been there knows what I am referring to.)

Hee. Any woman, really?

Are you kidding? Any woman who has health problems down there is surely being punished for something she did. Gynecologists shouldn’t exist, period. Besides, all female gynecologists must be, by rule, lesbians, and worse sinners than straight perverted men.

Nah, all gynos are bad, because women are dirty! Clearly, if a woman wants to by a gyn, then she’s an evil lesbian who only wants to see nekkid women all day.

Also, I wonder how HE knows so much about what goes on during a gyno exam? Clearly, he’s been discussing this at length. With women. Who’s the perv now, huh?

Yeah, you might be right.

I have to say, I love this guy. He’s so far out there that I can’t muster up any outrage, I’ve gone straight to amusement. His rants read like something you’d find in the Onion.

Psst! Don’t tell this guy about proctologists.

Plus any woman will tell you how unbelievably erotic a GYN visit is.

So here’s a little story that happened to me. Some years ago, I needed to go to the lady doctor so that various acts of torture could be performed on me. I didn’t really have a regular doctor, I always just made an appointment on the phone, showed up and paid the $10, and let whoever was assigned to me prop me in the chair and perform the necessary horrible magic. So here I am in the waiting room when an incredibly good looking doctor walks by and I think, “No no no no no… that cannot be him. I know, he’s not looking at me that way, but still. It just can’t… Lady doctors need to be ladies, or old guys who remind me of my grandfather. No no, anybody but him.” Then I calm myself down, questioning the odds of that guy, of all the doctors running around, would be the one who hand to examine my lady parts. I then spot Incredibly Handsome Doctor going into an office with the name Dr. X on the sign. Aha! I look down at my papers and see I’m assigned to Dr. Y! Whew, sigh of relief.

So when I get called in, it turns out that I have to be examined by Incredibly Handsome Doctor! It just wasn’t right. I couldn’t even get a cheap thrill out of it.

Back to the OP.

Ha ha ha!

This is a self correcting issue. This pastor, and all his followers, should stop seeing doctors and using all medical technology. Many will die of infections (no antibiotics!) each year. A goodly percentage of the women will die in childbirth. In a few years, there’ll be hardly any left.

Problem solved.

Childbirth? Doesn’t that involve sex at some time previous? Between a man and a woman? Doing something unspeakable together? With at least some of their clothes off? Surely no good Christian would do that.

I think the problem is going to be solved very quickly here.

I would like to state for the record that I hate, hate, hate going to female GYNs- I have yet to have a good experience with them.

So my male GYNs and I will just have to go to hell. I’ll be sure to mention that next time I’m in the stirrups.

Y’know, a local male gyno just put up a HUGE billboard on a busy street in town advertising his services, complete with his picture. The pic makes him look like a psycho killer, and every time I drive by I first wonder why any woman would choose a male gyno, and second, why they would choose a guy who looks like someone who you’d find hiding in the bushes behind your house, trying to peek into the bedroom window.

Seriously, why would a guy go into gynecology, in this day & age? I can understand 40 or 50 years ago, when female docs were few and far between. But nowadays? I think it’s creepy. Am I being all anti-PC and sexist?

You’re WONDERING about how he knows?! Creep!


I’d say sexist.

What’s wrong with men becoming ob-gyn? I don’t mind it, I have been examined by ob-gyn of both gender and couldn’t care less. We’re not there to make friends, or have a glass of wine and chit-chat. A visit to the ob-gyn is the unsexiest experience I can think of, contrary to what porn would make you believe

Why wouldn’t they?

Maybe they’re passionate about women’s health, a segment which has historically been vastly underserved, underdocumented, underrepresented, and still has HUGE barriers and issues waiting to be conquered, here and abroad.

Maybe they wound up finding it more interesting than other branches. Pregnancy, childbirth, and infertility have enormous impact on people’s lives.

Maybe they like the patient base better. Statistically, women are more likely to seek care more regularly, to seek care earlier when there is an issue, and to listen to and act upon a doctor’s advice.


When my female ob/gyn went on leave to have her own baby, she passed her clientele on to other doctors, male. The one I got was incredibly handsome and had a great smile. I was petrified at the thought of being seen by such a man, like MeanOldLady, I could have stood an elderly grandfatherly man, but not a babe.

When he came into the examination room- where the nurse had already set me up, he started telling jokes. At one point, I had to ask him to stop because I was laughing so hard I was afraid he was going to hurt me accidentally. So he stopped, but the lighthearted mood continued throughout the exam.

Since then, I’ve had both male and female gyns. Only had one that I didn’t like.

Why do the religious nutjobs assume men are incompetent and strange beings with no self control and overactive sex drives? I have yet to meet these men of which they refer. For the record, I am of the opinion that even if a gynecologist went into the business to look at twat, he changed his mind quickly. It’s one thing to look at healthy model twat all day, but that’s not what gynos do. They’re looking at grandma, large woman, and drippy. I’d think it’s pretty hard to find a crotch attractive when you’re looking at sores or cheese.

I think it’s because the alternative is that women actually want sex. And that’s just wrong.

Yeah, I don’t get it. I’ve heard people express Athena’s attitude, people who weren’t right wing or anything. Basically the attitude they express is, “Why would a guy want to do that?” It’s just another body part. There’s nothing inherently pervy about a body part just because it’s exclusively owned by women.