Are there any existing threads about youthful indiscretions, i.e., tales of drunken debauchery and revelry?

Title says it all. Any links?

Thanks, Saucy

There’s a handful of 'em, but you gotta search for 'em. But this being the singlemost intelligent board on the Internet though, I doubt anyone’s going to post in such detail that third parties could attribute salacious shenanigans to the OP. Anonymity is sometimes a good thing.

It’s not like there’s a forum for 'em, no.

If I told you, I’d have to kill you.

Thanks Tripler! I did a few searches. I got many results with most of them having nothing to do with my search.

SiamSam - Thanks, I guess…for not telling me, that is. Seriously, I wasn’t looking for real names, just funny/true stories about anonymous people who had too much to drink.

I think your searching (and OP) is unnecessarily vague then. But, for a “passive search,” lots of stories that have been ‘sanitizes’ to protect participants can be found through OTA television or streaming media.

Many times, you only have to spend half, or a full hour, to learn of those stories.

For some reason I think of based on the topic title… specifically the “experiences vault”

The drug subreddits are also equal parts inspiring and terrifying, if you dare to venture there. :scream:

Do a search on the userID “oldscratch”, “anilingus” and “dog”.

ETA: Not that I found anything (and I looked, of course), but the search terms are enough to brrr!

Note that if you want to search for users, do it from the user page

Are these anything like what you are looking for?

Thank you everyone! Thanks DemonTree! Some of those stories are hilarious.

Kids being kids:

Thank you!

Tell me you don’t read JohnT’s posts w/o saying “I don’t read JohnT’s posts”. :wink: