Are There Any "Gay Converstion" Sites That Aren't Religious

I was looking online for sites that say they can change gay people’s orientation to straight.

Personally I don’t believe you can do this, but I like to read what others think.

I find a lot of sites by Googling but everyone of them I found is religious. It all seems to boil down to “God says it’s wrong.”

I was wondering if anyone knew of a site that advocates “changing” a gay person without bringing religion into it. Maybe through the use of psychology or behavioural therapy, or anything really without religion being brought into it.

I put this in GQ because I was just looking for a site. Again, I don’t believe this can be done, or even should be attempted, but I do like to read what others say.

I don’t believe in the 9/11 conspiracies either, but I do like to read other peoples views on that/


It’s bullshit, but you asked for it.