Are there any Lightworkers here?

Or Indigo Children? Or Indigo Adults for that matter?

Lightworkers are people who are evolving spiritually and are intune with the higher vibrations of spirit. Often times their life purpose is to help other people and make the world a better place.

Indigo children are special people who’ve come to Earth to usher in the New Age of Peace. They’re equipped with spiritual gifts and can often times see through the veil.

So, anyone like that here?

If it helps, I’m know that I’m a lightworker and possibly indigo.

I’d appreciate it if your first inclination is to poke fun and tell me that it’s rediculous garbage, that you decline to post. I’m sure that there’s other places that you can go to talk about how you don’t believe in anything you can’t see, taste, hear, etc. I’m just looking for replies from people that believe.

I believe… …with a pound of weed to smoke! :slight_smile:

When I read your post, I keep hearing the phrase running through my head
" If it wasn’t for my horse, I wouldn’t have spent that year in college".

Why is that?

What makes you think that you are a Lightworker? What do you do as one? What do you see through the veil? How do you know that you are not deluding yourself?

Used to be, sorta. Never could figure out if it was delusions or something real. I’m just too science oriented and rational minded.

You may have chosen the wrong board, Leifsmama. Just sayin.

Boy howdy and how!

I thought the Indigo girls were a lesbian folk duo…

I have many flashlights. Most of them work.

My spiritual sensitivity detects this thread vibrating into the Pit pretty quickly.

For what it’s worth, yeah I like helping people, yeah I think I’m in tune with higher vibrations and see through veils.

No, I’m not joining your Indigo People movement. I’m a Phnordian, I’ll stay a Phnordian, thank you very much.

Phnordian: One who follows the beliefs of some guy who posts on the SDMB. So far there’s only one member. For a free brochure, send $1 to: <deleted>


“Well… we don’t wear pointy hats.”

#1-Don’t lump all skeptics into one camp. I’m a theist and a skeptic.

#2-The mission of the Straight Dope is to fight ignorance. If you mention the Indigo Children, we have not only the right but the duty to debunk them

   [By Their Fruitiness You Shall Know Them](

Chaps, chaps, let us not blast Leifsmama, why can’t we listen to what s/he says and debunk what needs debunking. S/he hasn’t come here trying to gain converts, and she doesn’t seem to be looking for a fight.

[Chaps: is used inclusivly of both male and female, in the way guys is

Saw this commin’ a mile away - just sayin’

I do a bit of work designing and engineering fiberoptic networks—longhaul, metro distribution and even fiber-to-the-home—if that’s what you mean? Somehow, I suspect not.

Anyway, as you’ve been made aware, this site is primarily skeptical in nature. Someone who has been around for 20-some months should have become aware of that by now, I’d think. It should come as no surprise people to you then that people might . . . ummm, make light . . . of your paranomal beliefs.

I could go to Toys R Us and buy a toy Lightsaber, would that help any?

Hey to each their own! I believed Mr. Ed was a zebra… for a few minutes at least.

Mrs. Dorsey…is that you?

I will say, for the record, that at least this isn’t the first time I’ve ever been exposed to your, um, beliefs. My High School physics teacher spent more time preaching this stuff to us than she did actually teaching physics (that is one year of my life I desperately want back.

That being said, I am a theist. I will go so far as to say that I am a Christian. Obviously I’m not about to go railing on about how I don’t believe in anything but I will say that if you are anything like aforementioned Physics Teacher…well…life for you on this board may become very interesting to say the least.

However, for what it may be worth in whatever it may be you are pursuing (I still haven’t figured out why most normally intelligent people take the words of a person who claims to be channeling an alien to heart.) That teacher took the liberty of informing me that I am both an Indigo Child and a Lightworker…whatever it is that all means.


Preview is my friend. Posting while on the phone is a bad idea.

That parenthetical statement should have said “some normally intelligent people” that’s what I get.

Not on your life. Unless I am presented with evidence to the contrary, this is ridiculous garbage.


Nope, that would be here. There are, however, all kinds of places that you can post about ridiculous garbage. In case you missed it on the front page, we fight ignorance here.

Too bad, so sad.


Just like that whole Christianity/Muslim/Islam/Buddhist schtick.