Are there any other Rasputina fans out there?

I don’t have anyone to talk about them with. :frowning:

I suppose I’m a bit of a fan - I own three Rasputina albums, though I sit far outside what’s probably the intended demographic.

Anything, er, particular you wanted to talk about? I actually don’t know too much about the group.

I think they are in Cincinnati this weekend. That is all I know about them. So glad I could contribute.

Rasputina is one of the most original and exciting bands of the last say 10 years.

I love them a lot. I play them a lot. I’ve made many of my friends love them a lot.

I, too, enjoy Rasputina…

So what’re we talking about?

I’m a huge Rasputina fan, and I’ve been listening to them for about five years now. I love them because they don’t really fit into any specific genre. They can be gothic and dark, they can be lighthearted and cheeky, or they can be totally tongue in cheek. Have you heard their covers? I have a version of them singing “Wish You Were Here,” and I like it better than Pink Floyd’s version. They also did wonderful things with Marilyn Manson’s “Tourniquet.”

I’m a huge Rasputina fan, and I’ve been listening to them for about five years now. . . QUOTE]
Haw! I win! 1995.

Sort of. One of my online friends introduced me to them when * How We Quit the Forest* came out. They’re different. I like their version of “You don’t own me” best of what I’ve heard of theirs.

I’m another Rasputina fan with nothing specific to say.

Rasputina Fan here. I enjoy most of their work, but I like it when they get funky electric with the Cellos, such as with antiquehighhellreddollshoes, or State Fair.

Some are purists, however. :slight_smile:

I missed them when they came to Philly, however. Wah!

I’m not a big fan but I did listen to them in High School (1993 or 4, iirc) and Melora is from my neck of the woods (Eudora, Kansas, I think).

Just wondering. No one here seems to really get in to them at all.
I am currently of the opinion that Melora is making her best music with Zoe Keating. Anyone hear “Frustration Plantation” yet?
Best. Album.Ever.

Ok Lissener, you win. 1996 here. pouts

But I’m going to see them in Atlanta on the 13th of April… Am I the biggest fan now??? :smiley:

Heh, they greatly improved on Manson.

My favorite off of “Lost and Found” is “This Little Piggy”.

I can’t say I’m a huge fan, but I’ve definitely liked what I’ve heard. Maybe I’ll pick up an album with my next paycheck; any suggestions?

Thanks for the Ether, How We Quit the Forest, and Cabin Fever are all excellent. I’d pick one of the other two over the second, but that’s just me.

I find myself singing the lyrics to ‘Diamond Mind’ every time one of those Debeers shadow commericals comes on.

I want a diamond. I want it now.

They’re the ones who did Transylvanian Concubine on the first Buffy soundtrack, right? That’s all I’ve ever heard of them.