Are there any photo gallery sites that allow uploading to albums from anyone?

I wanted to create a screenshot archive for the SDMB TF2 server where anyone can upload their shots to our gallery. Ideally it’d be easy to sign up/free (ideally no credentials at all, like imageshack) and allow anyone to upload to a gallery. Is there any site like this?

What’s wrong with using imageshack/photobucket/tinypic?

I want everyone to be able to upload photos to one shared gallery rather than posting their own pictures and posting a link to each one. Can any of those sites do that?

In Flickr, you can set up a group that others can join and add pictures to. That sounds like what you want to do. (What they call a “gallery” in Flickr is another kind of animal.) The process is:

(1) One person sets up a group, with a name and rules about how people can join and add pictures.
(2) Others join the group – and joining can be by invitation.
(3) Others add pictures to the group – and adding pictures can be by invitation.

The pictures have to be in individual accounts on Flickr, but you can join Flickr for free. (Free accounts have limits that disappear when you subscribe.)

In Picasa Web Albums (by Google), you can invite people to add to an album, based on their email address. They don’t need accounts.