Are there any promising new newspaper comics out there

I was reading the thread on what newspaper comic you would axe given the power in this thread “If you could take one comic strip outta the paper forever…” and I got to thinking that it has been a very long time since a new comic hit the scene that was worth reading. I can list off the ones that made a big splash in the last 20 years or so.

Calvin & Hobbs
The Far Side
The Neighborhood

The last one was probably Dilbert. Is there anyone out there on the fringes of the big time who might be the next big thing. I hope someday to look forward to the funny pages again. Right now the only good one left is Dilbert. There are a few others that are good often enough that I still read but it would be nice to have something on the comics page to actually look forward to again.

Get Fuzzy is pretty good. The creator is a good artist, the characters are cute (I love the poor sweet dumb dog), and it often makes me laugh out loud. It’s also got an interesting gimmick of having anthropomorphized animals that are able to communicate with everybody, not just their owner.

I would have to agree with Get Fuzzy. Also, I was reading the sunday comics yesterday and came across this strip: I haven’t really read any of the other strips in this series, so I can’t say for sure if its “promising” or not, but it was one of the rare times that a comic actually amused me. (the overall level of comics in the papers these days seems to be rapidly declining)

Add my vote for Get Fuzzy. The cat is a real character, and the dog just epitomizes the essence of sweet dumb dogness! Also he has not fallen into the one-joke trap a la Garfield.

I like The Boondocks. It has a different perspective on the world than all the other comics.