Are there ever any Irish Dopefests?

I always see about dopers meeting up in the Merikay but i never hear of Irish ones. So are there any and when’s the next one if there is?


Well, I’ve been to two DubDopes, and I’m not even Irish! Does that answer your question? :slight_smile:

A lot of the lads and lasses in Dublin get together on a somewhat regular basis, as far as I know. I’m sure they’ll be coming along shortly. There’s posters in Galway and Northern-Ireland as well, byt the way.

I’m sure there will be a DopeFest coming along shortly. It’ll probably be the weekend I get a dreadful stomach virus and cannot attend. Plan accordingly.

Mog, we generally dont need an excuse :slight_smile:

Hey mogiaw, I thought you knew about the last one (when JKal and washte came over) and were snubbing us… :wink:

I presume you can drink, as this seems to be the common denominator, other than the SDMB.

JKal = Kal :smack:

As the new recruit at one of the Dublin soirees when Kal/ and Washte were over, all I can say is;
Can I come? Please, can I? Can I?

Count me infor the next one (except if you want one this week, as I am off to New York on Wednesday - at least I hope I am, I hear JFK is closed today)

Very bad coding there. Tsk tsk.
Definitely time for a holiday

There’s been a good few. Usually when somebody starts a thread about coming to Ireland etc.

I actually don’t think we’ve just had a fest for just Irish posters. There’s always been some North American/Brit/EuroTrash there aswell.

You got always start a thread and see what happens :wink:

Glad you want to, CC - I thought after the last one you never wanted to see us again. :wink:

I’m coming to Ireland next month, we’ll be in the Dublin area ** March 24-25, and again from April 3-4. If anyone wants to get together, I’m up for it. We’ll be wandering aimlessly around Ireland in the week between, no clue as to where we’re actually staying.

**We’re not staying in Dublin, we’re going to be in Wicklow. They have busses to Dublin though, right?

Boscibo, it depends on the area of Wicklow you’ll be staying in, and I wouldnt rely on any late night service back to Wicklow either.
But, I’m sure something can be arranged.