Are these two women related?

…or do they just look alike.

Jeri Ryan and Marg Helgenberger.

Maybe with a gap of twenty years of so. Poor old Marg is not aging well, but Jeri is still looking fine…

Ten years, by their birth dates on IMDB. I think Helgenberger has a bad photo as the primary one on her IMDB page.

I don’t think they even look particularly similar, but I suppose YMMV.

Look at that! Two eyes… and a mouth. And is that hair? You’re right, they do look similar!

What I meant was could they be aunt and neice, mother and daughter, but thanks for all the sarcasm. :rolleyes:

There is an actor out there whose name i cannot remember, but he looks just like Robert Downey Jr. AND Javier Bardem. It is uncanny.

Marg Helgenberger doesn’t even look like herself, thanks to the miracle of bad plastic surgery.

Sarcasm is just one of the many services we offer at no extra charge.

As far as I can tell on a quick online search, they are not related (but they are coincidentally both alumni of Northwestern University’s Theatre Program). I think it’s probably just a case of two women both having a look that’s popular with casting departments.

Could that be Jeffrey Dean Morgan AKA Denny Duquette?

Perchance are you referring to Jeffrey Dean Morgan?

In the first 10 mins of The Watchmen, I was thinking “I didn’t know Robert Downey Jr was in this movie”. It took me a little bit longer to realise it wasn’t the same guy!

Yep, my NU yearbook includes both Jery Ryan and David Schwimmer.

Which made for awkward moments when they both auditioned for the role of Seven of Nine.

I remember Marg Helgenberger from **China Beach **and I always thought of her as a redhead or strawberry blonde. I guess I’m one of the few people in the US who never watched NCI. When I first saw Jeri Ryan on Star Trek she was blonde. I never thought they looked alike.

NCI? She’s on CSI.

I don’t know how widespread this scurrilous gossip is outside of Illinois, so I apologize if this is common knowledge: Jeri Ryan is the ex-wife of Jack Ryan, who was Obama’s GOP competitor in the Illinois Senate race in 2004 - until members of the media got their divorce proceedings unsealed. They revealed that one of the factors of their breakup had to do with Jack wanting Jeri to have sex with him in sex club in Paris, which she wasn’t into.

Ryan dropped out of the race as a result, the IL GOP spent approximately a million years floundering around looking for someone to replace him, which is how they ended up bringing in batshit crazy Marylander Alan Keyes to run against Obama. Who won in an enormous landslide and went on to some other job later.

In closing, Jeri Ryan’s refusal to have sex in public might have actually led to the Obama presidency. Seriously.

(Well, sort of seriously. Obama probably would have trounced Jack Ryan in 2004 anyway, but it would have been much more of a fight. The Keyes candidacy was a joke.)