Separated at birth?

I am watching Iron Chef, and for the last 50 minutes the judge chick on it was driving me crazy. The face, the mannerisms, and the voice, the little laugh all so exactly familiar, bu I couldn’t place it…

The Judge Chick
Finally I placed it the hotness, the big head, the big eyes…

Who I was triying to think of
:wink: Now I am willing to admit there might be one or two issues with my long lost twin theory, but it is uncanny how similar they are in look and mannerism.

I can see how the one reminds you of the other.
Dave Foley always reminded me of Isabella Rosellini when he was in drag on KitH, especially as Jocelyn the prostitute, but I can’t find any pics of him in drag to link to.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan seems to be a cross between Robert Downey Jr. and Javier Bardem.

Okay, I know that’s not exactly what the OP was asking for. I was originally just going to mention Mr. Morgan and Mr. Downey but then I realized Mr. Bardem could have been a triplet. Never the less, all yummy, no?

I’m just here long enough to say I agree on this threesome. We see these guys alike and with the same blending. In a preview for the Vicky Cristina Barcelona Woody Allen movie, when Javier was on the screen, I told my wife: “Damn! That’s Denny Duquette.”

Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry look so alike that people even set up quizzes

Here are two of mine:

Hope Davis and Jake Weber.

Tony Curtis and Bea Arthur.

I always love these threads.

John David Carson looked uncannily like a young Jack Nicholson, scaled down in size a little bit. (Carson’s actual off-camera life was itself like one of Nicholson’s Bukowski-esque characters - a notorious drunk, gambler and womanizer, Carson wound up penniless and is now supposedly homeless and living on the street in Las Vegas.)

Jack Black and Emile Hirsch look like the exact same person at different ages and weights. I am not the first person to make this comparison - Hirsch’s IMDB forum is flooded with others saying the same thing.

Their resemblance goes beyond the eyebrows and their penchant for scraggly facial hair - their basic facial features are fundamentally the same, right down to their eye/nose/mouth proportions. Jack Black’s facial features are essentially conventionally-handsome features, he’s just overweight. If Jack Black were to shed 75 pounds, he would overwhelmingly be considered “hot” by women.

Thank God - I thought it was just me. The first time I saw this shotfrom the trailer, I thought, “Hey! Jack Black!”

What about Rachel Maddow and John Stewart. I love the girl, but is she trying to imitate him right down to the last facial movement? Doesn’t put me off of either one, just thought of it while I was watching her tonight.

Cristian Bale and James Brolin

David Wenham and Danny Kaye

As some smart alleck Doper correctly pointed out recently, Anne Hathaway bears and unforunate resemblance to Paul Stanley. But she seems like a sweet kid, so I prefer to compare her toJoan Crawford.

Don’t forget Tim Roth (
(I don’t know how to do that thing with the links.

I haven’t been able to locate the pictures to prove it, but there’s some gal who looks so much like Julia Stiles (why do I want to say Julia Childs? :rolleyes: ) and I just can’t get her face right. It’s not Erika Christensen, but she’s close. Anybody?
She’ll be close to the same age as Julia.

Might you be thinking about Clea Duvall? I couldn’t really find a good picture to illustrate the resemblance but I know I’ve noticed it when watching her on screen.

I couldn’t get your link to work for Clea, but I know her looks and I’m sure she’s not who I’m trying to recall. Thanks, though.

Well how about that… I was thinking she looked like Michael Douglas’ daughter in Traffic, look her up and it’s your Erica Christensen.

Maybe newlywed Mandy Moore?