Are we fools?

We love each other dearly, are compatibile, a lot a like but . . .

We both no that our love is completely impractical. We both think we are insane for feeling it under the circumstances. He is 24, I am 34 and he lives in CA and I live in GA. (yes, we have met in person and have spent real time together)

And we are calling it off . . .

And we miss each other so much . . .

Are we perhaps throwing away something that we may never find again?

Are we fools?

Okay, I’m going to get flamed for being a jerk, but I’m tired.

Yes, only fools would post in the wrong forum. So I suppose there’s your factual answer. At least your grammar/typing is readable.


Speaker for the Dead:


Her spelling, on the other hand, is knot.

Unless you wanna call this Freudian…

Let’s try not to scare the newbies away, okay folks?

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Is there any other way you can do it other then ending it?

Welcome to the SDMB btw.

Forget the age difference; my boyfriend is 26, I’m 42, and we’ve been together two years.

Is there any reason why one or the other of you can’t move?

Well you could be missing people who are RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU because you are mooning over someone on the other side of the country.

“Than”, not “then”.

No, not fools.

The two of you decided that you can’t make the relationship work out. That doesn’t mean that you can turn off the feelings. It’ll take some time.

I have a pair of friends (well, actually, only one of them is still talking to me) who are about 19 and 25 (no huge difference, I know), but they have the same situation.

If you’ve seriously talked it over, and decided it’s best not to be together, than I think heresiarch is right - the feelings can’t disappear in an instant. Hell, I have first hand experience. You just have to wait.

For wondering? No.

For asking a bunch of total strangers who know neither of you? Yeah.

Now, now: sometimes it’s easier to ask strangers than people who know you. After all, we have no subjective interest in the matter one way or the other, whereas her friends and family do (“Move all the way across the country? Are you crazy?” “He’s too young for you!” “Go for it–you only live once!”
“Why can’t you find someone here?” “It’s so romantic!” “You’re not living in a fairytale, you know.” Ech).

Way to go Squish!:smiley:

(you think 42 is middle aged but not over the hill, right?)

Hey, when I was twenty, I went out with a woman in her forties for awhile. We had a great fuckin’ time. No, we’re not still together. But, not for incompatibility reasons, other than I was a wild fucker and didn’t see myself gettin’ tied down for a long time. It took nearly 20 years later for me to tie the knot.

Follow your heart! or better yet, tell him to follow his, to GA. Odds are, you’re more established than he is, right?

“practical love” :rolleyes: never heard of it

I think you did the right thing. “I might never find someone/something like this again” is, in my opinion, a very bad way to make decisions about relationships. Sometimes timing just doesn’t work out. Sometimes it’s just not meant to be. It sucks, but it’s often better to be realistic and move on.

If you chase every spark of love at the cost of other parts of your life (i.e. job, friends, etc.), you get burned that much worse if it doesn’t work out.

I’m sorry that you’re sad right now, though.

Yes , you are both fools. Complete, utter fools.

One of you needs to roll the dice and go to where the other is. Or meet somewhere in between.

Psssst, t-keela: not over the hill yet–it’s still uphill all the way! :smiley:

I think I left the fools at another thread…

psssst, Squish: they think you’re a man :wink:

Good idea, t-keela. :wink:

(pssst… it’s ‘cause women are supposed to be… uh, diplomatic or good negotiators or somethin’)