Are you a misanthrope?

I reckon the percentage of people I meet that I genuinely like is on the low side - maybe 10% (and that’s giving them the benefit of the doubt).

How’s your percentage?

What’s it to you, anyway? Leave me alone.


Depends on degree of intimacy. I’m stoically tolerant of maybe 99%, excluding only those who inflict themselves into my space and cannot be ignored, and for most people, I cant be bothered being judgmental. However, the number of people I’d like to have a beer with is pretty small, maybe in the 5% neighborhood.

Any stranger who opens up and tries to be friendly, I’ll be civilly responsive and try to relate to, unkess they start getting out bibical quotations.

Me, personally, quite the opposite. I’m a follower of Will Rogers: I (rarely) met a man (or woman) I didn’t like. I also follow the view of The Desert Peach: There are very, very few people I do not like.

A park ranger once told me that five per cent of the people cause all of the problems. He was talking about problems within the national park where he worked, but I think it generalizes.

Some venues bring out the worst in people: crowds, freeways, and anonymous web sites…

Hmm, how to reply?

I expect nothing of man, and disown the race. The only folly is expecting what is never attained; man is most contemptible when compared with his own pretensions. It is better to laugh at man from outside the universe, than to weep for him within.

Other than that though, no not at all

I would say the opposite of you. Now if you make the qualification the amount of people I meet that I’m going to invest time on, the percentage takes a dive.

Maybe “Would want to have a beer with” is a better criteria

If “misanthrope” is defined as not wanting to maintain a handshake for more than a second or two, then I qualify.

What’s up with those people who won’t let go? It’s a greeting, not a marriage proposal.

No. I’m not social, but I’ve plenty of people I like.

people in general irritate me, but that’s usually due to a negative encounter with some inconsiderate rando.

I think a true misanthrope finds people to be completely worthless, with no redeeming qualities. That’s not me. I think people can be and often are pretty cool. I find them entertaining, on the whole.

But I am totally fine with observing them from afar, with a barrier separating us. I want to be able to walk away from them when they get on my nerves or cease being entertaining. And I don’t particularly care when they walk away from me. People, I like. I can take or leave persons.

I’d say I enjoy most people socially, at the acquaintance level. But the percentage drops steeply the more I have to be entangled with them, whether as close friends, co-workers or whatever.

For me the stark difference is real life v internet. I’m at least neutral/ambivalent about the great majority of people I meet in real life, and I consider myself to have good relations with everybody I know well. That’s partly because I’m on my own work wise and not beholden to or competing directly against anybody. At one time I had more tension with people over work but still not most people.

But I dislike most people I’ve ‘known’ on the internet. Something about stripping away the filters and niceties of traditional face to face makes the % of people I like drastically lower on the web than in real life.

I’m like that, generally. Aside from Bible thumpers and political obsessives, I can find something to like in just about anyone. I try to gauge each situation and tailor my expectations accordingly, but if I over-estimate someone’s interest in sustaining a friendship, I’m likely to be deeply disappointed.

NUMBER. Dammit.


I like most people and I can have a pleasant conversation with the vast majority of the people I encounter daily.

I get along well with people that I meet and have conversations with.

OK, here’s an answer from an independent perspective:

Reply hazy try again

Concentrate and ask again

My sources say no


Probably. I used to be pretty gregarious, but have been burned by people far too often and have become cautious about fostering friendships. Also known as old and cranky.

I live on a planet where an amazing high percentage of the people are traumatized and frazzled, calloused and inured, or confused and full of twisted misinterpretations of life.

I’m fond of the species but dealing with people in their current condition is definitely a mixed bag.

In aggregate human beings are the worst thing ever to happen to life on planet earth. This is a fact like gravity is a fact. I’m even counting the mass extinctions. That quote “progress is the process of turning nature into garbage” I am in total agreement with.

Personally, I like maybe 20 people, love about 4 people not including the dead ones. The rest I try to be friendly to without extending myself, because I don’t want to attract their attention nor give them very much of mine.

I think of humanity as a vile scourge, so I guess that makes me a misanthrope. At about 15 I considered suicide as a way to rid the earth of at least one person, but I’m kind of glad I decided it was an empty gesture.

That’s Mr. Anthrope to you, bub.