Are you a picture defacer?

Inspired by this thread, I readily admit that I am a picture defacer of the highest order. I don’t deface things I shouldn’t deface, but left with a pen, a picture (from a newspaper or something), and some time on my hands, the picture is going to get a blacked-out tooth, eyeglasses, and devil horns. All of the pictures are going to get blacked-out teeth, eyeglasses, and devil horns. Some may also get a devil tail poking up beside them. Fangs are optional.

How about you?

I do that sort of thing at the Guggenheim, the Met and occasionally the Louvre, but doing it to newspaper photos is just gauche, IMHO.

I try to keep it subtle, with just a blacked-out tooth. But I can never stop there. Evetually, they get things like scars, frankenstein bolts in the neck, eyeglasses, etc…

I haven’t since high school. (that is not a subtle dig at those do.)

My brother and I used to do this all the time when we were growing up, and I still do it every once in a while. In fact, I just did it this weekend.

We also used to do head transplants, where we’d cut someone’s head out of one photo and glue it over a someone else’s head in another photo.

Frankenstein bolts? How have I never thought of that? I knew starting this thread was a good idea.

Oh yeah, all the time. My personal favorite is the Hitler 'stache.
If I find a picture of a big, open space, I’ll draw some little tanks and helicopters shooting at each other. And sometimes Godzilla.

If you like that, I have a suggestion that’s going to give you the Big O: Bloodshot eyes.

When I’m bored in class, and my hands have nothing to do, and the teacher gives out practice packets with littlecartoon people on them… yeah, someone’s gonna get a makeover.

(Why is it that foreign language workbooks always have illustrations that make them look like they’re meant for six year olds? Is it because the dialogues sound like they were spoken by first graders?)

Nope. Never felt the urge. But I will make faces out of O’s and C’s and D’s in large typefonts.

Never felt the urge? Hmm. I rarely don’t feel the urge. There must be something going on psychologically here. :slight_smile:

The frankenstein bolts go well with a big scar across the entire forehead. Especially if you can square off the head.

Sometimes I show the person smoking a big ol’ doobie. Works really well if I can also give them half-closed eyes and a five O’ clock shadow.

How about this for inspiration, then: Dollar Bill Art.

I do this when I am bored and don’t have anything else to do. Sometimes an eraser can remove the ink to create a completely blank face even!

Damn, what a to-do that has created with some law-abiding 'mericans.

I sometimes like to color the people in newspapers. But I have a hard time doing anything that could be considered mean.