Are you a "Quirkyalone" woman?

Quirkyalones celebrate being single - Parties for growing movement held in eight cities

Quirkyalones sound like Singletons, and in that case no, I am a Smug Married.

Actually, Quirkyalones sound like Smug Singletons to me.

“I’ve chosen this life and I’m going to be happy with it and no-one is going to tell me otherwise! Unless, of course, something better comes along.”

I guess I am a male versoin of the quirkyalone. I love the company of a lady, but the morning after good sex, I am ready to be alone for awhile.

Yeah. Was dating someone for awhile there but realised I’m happier being alone. There are already not enough hours in my day to do all the things I want to do; trying to fit a bloke into it required giving some of those things up and I just do not want to give any of them up for a bloke… well, not for that bloke anyway. I suppose maybe there’s a guy out there that I’d want to sacrifice other things for, but if there is, I’m not really arsed to go out looking for him.

(Will no doubt find myself in the “quirkyslut” stage in a few months time, though, wouldn’t be the first time :rolleyes: )

Yep - count me among their tribe…

That’s a fair summary of my outlook right now. I would like to be in a relationship but I’d rather be alone than be with someone who treats me badly.

I have a great friend who has a long term relationship with someone that is pretty shitty to her. Why does she stay with him? Because she’d rather be with a bad boyfriend than no boyfriend at all. She’s a great person but her self esteem is in the toilet.

So, um, will you let us know? :smiley:

If I didn’t go to the movie by myself, I’d be very cinematically deprived. I stayed in a relationship way too long out of fear of being alone; after a few months of free-fall vertigo, I am good now with being alone. Was quirky even before that, though.

But I could be a quirkyslut for the right quirkyalone guy… but he’d better be high qualify goods.

Refering to yourself as a “Quirkyalone” almost sounds like the last thing you do before you switch sides, manically call 900 numbers, or “eat the big pretzel” (As George Bush might call it).

Maybe I’m just jealous because I’m not quirky.

A see nothing wrong with being alone. I find it odd and almost sad, in a way I can’t quite define, that you have to make up a name for it. It is almost as if you are saying: I want to be comfortable with myself, but I’m not. Hey, wait, a cool name will make it acceptable.

I’m with Khadaji. Why on earth do you need a cutesy name or a herd of identically-minded buddies to be comfortable about being single?

I suppose I meet the basic criteria, in that I’m not dating anyone, don’t particularly want to be dating anyone, and think Valentine’s Day is silly, but I think it’s equally silly to declare yourself part of a Movement. Methinks these people do protest too much.

Is that the royal “us” :smiley:

If you don’t have a cutesy name, what are you going to print on the T-shirts, key chains, buttons, posters and souvenir dishes not available in any stores?

“Quirkyalone” or “singleton”. Chips!

Call it macaroni! Alone, is alone, is alone. I agree with Road Rash, after good sex I want to be back alone! Sometimes I can’t even wait till the next morning :smiley:

Why is that? I mean, not you specifically, but on a universal level: Why do some what to be as far from others as possible, while others have a sort of cling thing? From what I’ve seen, it’s not a gender thing, either.

Can’t imagine a republican like you would take its meaning that way :wink: