Are you getting pink folders indicating new posts?

I posted this query in About This Message Board, but haven’t gotten any responses (not from Tuba either!). Did the recent upgrade include eliminating the pink folders to indicate new posts? I wasn’t getting them before the upgrade, but I think that was because I was having trouble with Netscape. I got them after I started using IE, but after the upgrade, not. I’ve cleared the memory cache & cookies, but still no pink folders. I found them quite useful - not having to go into the topic to see if there are new posts, but I figured if it was an SDMB problem, other posters would be bitching about it. So, is it me, or the SDMB? If it’s my problem, any suggestions on what to do about it? If it’s SDMB, please go to the About This Message Board and complain. Thanks.

using Netscape here, and the pink folder are showing up. Sometimes they don’t, but that is always after I clear out the cache and get rid of all old cookies. Might you be doing the same thing?

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Oh, yes, Netscape went weird on me after Jan 1st. Something with the Java. But you do have to have Java turned on.
edit :preferences:advanced:java

I had the same problem but it got better. I asked in About This MB and they said it was a combination of factors, some of them on their end, but also in Netscape 4.7.

The proximate cause of the problem is that the browser won’t accept their cookies. The SDMB reads your last cookie to know which folders are old and which are new. Without any info it assumes they’re all old.

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Things seem to be working right to me, now. I use Netscape 4.7 and after the first of the year, what I was seeing was that the expiration date on the cookies were Jan. 1999 and Netscape was clearing them every time I signed off. It now remembers my username/password, also.
You seem to only get a knew cookie when you come in thru the home page. So the pink folders may get kinda old after a while, if you just move around thru the message boards.
At least, that’s the way it seems to be working to me.

Today I changed [well always got it, just don’t use it much] to IE5.0 for message boards. It makes everything look much better. There are better fonts, pictures, all the pink folders are there, etc. I’m still going to use Netscape.

I don’t see any pink folders on either Netsc Comm 4.7 or IE 5.5.

The other day 4.7 showed folders in flames for threads of 15 or me posts. That didn’t seem particularly useful, and I see they took it away already. But in the legend down below, they have just the words “An open thread” but don’t show any symbol to which these words shuld apply.


Java is on. Yeah, maybe deleting the cookies is the problem. But, I was having to put in my username and password every time and Tuba advised deleting cookies and re-doing my SDMB preferences, so that’s why I did it. I haven’t been going in thru the home page either, so maybe that’ll help. Lots of times (and I did this time) I go in thru my history links because I can see where I’ve been. Thanks all for the advise.

Got in here via the SDMB home page this time and I have pink folders. Problem solved. Thanks!

when I read this question yesterday, I was getting pink folders, but tonight when I logged on I’m not - even when I refresh the page after posting something??

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Well I’ll be danged. I backed up to the SD home page and then came back. There they are, the elusive pink folders. Haven’t seen those rascals for months.
Thanks, Sycorax. You are a genius.

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Hell, I’m no genius - techno-dummy, that’s me :confused: JimB came up with the answer in his reply above. Isn’t it great to be able to tell which topics have new posts? Thanks Jim. :smiley:

Well then, thanks to JimB and Sycorax for the tip. Yeah, it’s pretty cool.
Techno-dummy, huh. I just signed up for a basic computer class at my local adult school. :frowning:
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Welcome, guys, glad it was of some help.

Good luck Mangeorge on meeting some wimmen.

because oddly enough, I didn’t see it. I had to go LOOKING for it in “ATMB” and finally found it . . .all by itself. I guess no one else saw it either.

Sorry, dear heart, nothing personal, glad your problem is fixed.

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