Are you off for President's Day tomorrow?

We’re supposed to get a snow storm, so I am glad I am off.

Are you off?


Nope, classes will continue… though we aren’t slated for any snow or anything. Probably just more dreary rain.

Nope. In fact, tomorrow is the first day of my new job!

No… my wife (a teacher) and daughters all have the day off, and I have to go to work. Early, even!




Nope, not off but took the day off to spend extra time with my son. It’s been really nice this weekend, in the 80’s, hopefully it will be nice tomorrow. Maybe we’ll hit Busch Gardens or the zoo.

Unless the promised blizzard comes on through, my university will indeed be holding classes. Bah.

I think there is a very good chance you will be staying home.

office is open. i’m hoping 20" of snow will close it. it will depend on whether public transit shuts down.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I work for the government and tomorrow is a federal holiday. Soooo glad to be able to snuggle and stay in a nice warm bed in the morning!:smiley:

Yup and I’m seriously considering going shopping (the sport of champions). Unless it rains, then I’m staying home and watching Casablanca. Not even shopping entices me to drive in So. California when it rains. “Oohh, moisture from the sky, I must now drive like an idiot!” Does this happen with snowy places, I wonder?

Yup, but due to the snow, not the holiday. Since Mr. Ben is still insisting that he’s going to go in for at least a little while (has to feed the fish, he claims :rolleyes: ), looks like me and the PS2 are going to spend time together tomorrow.

Yup. We had Friday off, too.

I’m not off for President’s Day, but I am off for Washington’s Birthday. We took Lincoln’s Birthday off separately on the 7th.

I’m a “stay at home mom” so depending how you see it I’m either off every day or I never get the day off :slight_smile:

You know, if I actually had President’s Day off, I would’ve been on the other end of Florida for the Renaissance festival this weekend. But no, FSU doesn’t take President’s Day off as a holiday. Arrgh! ::sniffle:: I miss renfaire!

Nope, my school doesn’t do that. But we get the Jewish holidays off, so I guess it evens out.

working, unless the snow keeps piling up. The small not-for-profit organization for which I work takes the Federal holidays off. But we are going to move the President’s Day off to the day after Thanksgiving.

We move Columbus Day to Christmas Eve, and Veterans’ Day to New Years Eve.

Federal employee here and glad I have tomorrow off. No chance of getting that Unscheduled Leave BS.

Let’s see, I worked on MLK Day back in January, so yes, I have Feb 17 off.

(we only get seven holidays a year and we get a choice of EITHER President’s Day or MLK’ Day, but not both - talk about a great way to confuse a workplace.)