argghhh! WHY?? (can't I drag myself away from this awful evil magic message board)

I need the toilet, I need a cup of tea, my eyes hurt, It’s too hot, the wind is making my hair move, and nothig seems to be happening here. I am going up through the forums again and again and again and again. I feel like my head is going to explode.

Why can’t I just leave it alone???


Probably the same reason I can’t leave a program that I’m writing.

You should ask to be banned. Temptation removed, problem solved.

Alternatively, you could gouge out your eyes with a brooch. That way you’d be unable to view the boards, and also blind yourself to the consequences of that time you had sex with your mom and killed your dad.

(BTW, why is there wind at your computer?)

Because it’s there. :smiley:

RexDart It’s a homer simpson quote.

“The wind is making my hair move, and I don’t know how much longer I can complain”

Computer Guru I miss the days I would spend hours writing and perfecting computer programs, but something killed my enthusiasm. It’s name was ‘University’.

University is where I learned how to program. It drives me nuts, that’s why I can’t leave. I can’t leave it until I get it figured it out. What’s going to kill that is if I can’t get a job in it.

I actually downloaded one of those surf control type programs and entered this website as one that I am not allowed to visit at work. Of course I know all the passwords, but it does make it hard for me to casually check what’s going on, thereby diverting valuable billable hours!


For me, the SDMB is like crack - I feel euphoric when i’m on it, my visits become longer, and more frequent, and when it went down i was curled in the fetal position on my bed shivering.



Seriously, this thing is gonna cost me my job purely from a plummeting-production standpoint. It wouldn’t be so bad maybe, if Cecil would invest in maybe a squirrel or two instead of these half-dead leprous hamsters.

Thank god I’m not that bad yet…

Well I don’t need tea yet.

I, on the other hand am a fucking lost cause.

If the wind is making your hair move, it’s quite possible that this is preventing the tendrils from growing into your brain properly.

HAHAHA! We’ve got you all now!

For the Straight Dope
(and you BELIEVED us when we told you the “Dope” meant “information”)

Earlier tonight, I caught myself thinking that I should pop over here and see what was new…while I was waiting for a thread to load!!

I knew it!


Sign up for NaNoWiMo. You will then have NO TIME to visit here…

NaNoWriMo, even.


Should I check it? Someone might have posted to my thread… I might find a thread I can post to… I know it’s slow, but that’s probably 'cause everyone else is checking it 3 times a day just like me!. OTOH, while I really should go to bed, the board is really fast after 2 am.