ARGH- being paid £350 for a month's work is NOT a "SNAFU"!

So, I open my paycheck after my first month back at work, expecting to see a nice amount of money and instead see that they have paid me statutory maternity pay. Which sucks. Apparently Salaries and Wages didn’t know I was re-starting work.

HR knew I was coming back, the paperwork I filed last May said I’d be coming back on 03/02/2010, my name was on the rota, I got a new ID badge and staff number…and yet again Salaries and Wages seem to have been left out of the loop like a poor relation.

This is after already screwing with my maternity pay twice- by taking me off the payroll entirely…which took 2 weeks to sort out, and then seriously under paying me…which took another 2 weeks to sort out.

I know I’m lucky to get paid maternity leave at all, but seriously I’ve just worked 91 hours over the last 9 days and am about to work 7, 12-hour night shifts in a row. It is stressful enough to start back at a job with long, unsociable hours and high stakes after a 6 month break, never mind returning as a breastfeeding mother with an infant who wakes for a feed at 5am every morning…to not be paid is just the fabulous cherry on top.

And apparently it is a “SNAFU” that will get sorted “in the next few days”.
Not cool.

I would use naughty words, but quite frankly I just don’t have the energy.

Am I missing something? 3/2/2010 has not arrived yet here in the states…

3/2/10 is the 3rd of February in the UK & Ireland, not the 2nd of March.

You’re missing the fact that the rest of the world writes its dates differently to the US.

Hope it all gets sorted out soon irishgirl - apologies being forthcoming seem unlikely, in my experience of payroll SNAFUs, but this is one case when they are richly deserved!

Then I will use some bad words for you. Fuckers - sonsabitches! How dare they screw with my pay! Do they have no heart? Fuck!

(My morning started off on a bad footing with being clumsy in the shower, so I needed a chance to swear!)

ooooo! Fancy! Look at the fancy rest of the world. With their fancy date writing. And their fancy metric system and healthcare! ooooo! I want to be European tooooooo


Ahhh memories. I remember what it was like when I had my first beer.:smiley:

I am allergic to beer. Every time I drink it I break out in handcuffs.

That’s bullshit. You should be cut a manual check today and either have it overnighted to you or somewhere where you can pick it up.

THEN they can do their damn sorting and get the numbers to work “in the next few days”.

That’s ok. I think we let Americans immigrate, eventually. You, too, can be European, one day, if you try hard.

That said, I am sorry, crazyjoe, I was a bit harsh in my response - I’ve not slept nearly enough, and you caught the backlash.

6 months paid maternity leave, huh? Must be nice.

–Drain Bead, who returned to work when her baby was 10 weeks old, and only got paid by using saved vacation and sick time and having Aflac…and this is a government job.

I think you are partially mistaken, irishgirl; since SNAFU means “Situation Normal - All Fucked Up,” it sounds like this is indeed a snafu. Unfortunately. Payroll taking the attitude that doing their jobs badly is a normal situation is a very strange attitude, though.

(Mothers get 12 months paid maternity leave in Canada, drain bead.)

In BC, parents get 12 months total. (ie; it can be shared, and the father is entitled to “up to 37 consecutive weeks of unpaid leave beginning after the child’s birth and within 52 weeks after that event.”)

Still working on getting someone to drop by to lend a hand with the housework during this period, though. (Looks enviously at Iceland.)

No worries, I didn’t take it harshly.

Lest not forget Canada, eh? (Although it is half an hour earlier in Newfoundland.)

I worked for a year in a payment processing centre - don’t get me started on date formats. {twitch}

Well I know lots of places do it that way round. But given that the OP’s location was Belfast, I thought I would just say UK - then added Ireland as well out of a sense of inclusiveness.

They really should be able to fix it (at least from your point of view- ie., give you a cheque for the rest) on the spot.

I’ve been in a similar situation, mostly to do with the ending of employment. I made damn sure everybody who had any direct influence knew how pissed off I was.

All I can tell you is that that worked.

ETA: I was polite - mostly.

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