Argh! Too much I'm thinking keeps coming out my mouth.

My thought processing has changed again. I’m thinking about stuff I haven’t for a while. The problem is I now am saying lot’s of stuff I’m thinking. My thoughts are just going from brain to mouth sentence after sentence. You should probably wait for the I got punched shopping thread. There is lots of swearing too.

Can you take up chewing gum?

Did I miss a thread? Do you have Tourette’s syndrome or something?

He needs to carry Twiks.

I hate those commercials, but that’s pretty funny :smiley:

Yes I had problems with vocal ticks in the past.

My brain got scrambled in the past and I’ve been improving yearly. I don’t take talking my thoughts out loud as an improvement.

Oh, well, that’s different then. I thought perhaps you were in your forties or fifties and you just didn’t give a rat’s ass what people thought anymore.

I’m pissed at Twiks right now because the vending machine at work is using the new, smaller Twickses and upped the price a nickle.

I’m sorry if I was overly flippant about your very real problem, Harmonious Discord. Is there any work-around for you? Is it anything a doctor or therapist might be helpful about?

I really have not been offended by anybody that has posted. I was just commenting on a current problem and didn’t intend to bring up the past. I always remember almost nobody knows my past. I just needed to express a current frustration.

Ya never know. Perhaps it’s fixing to get fired up again (in a good way).

Now, what’s this about getting a punch at the grocery store? Not a Hawaiian Punch?

Hey, at least it’s going through your brain first. What comes out of my mouth often seems to bypass that altogether.