Army of Duplicate Datas v's The Borg ?

In a teleportation thread of mine over in GD a Army of Duplicate Datas was brought up by tracer . This got me thinking and this is the result .

You go either way . Hands on battle or full space battle( if so assume Data’s have Federation technology and Borg have Borg technology) .

I’d have to go with the Data’s because it’s already been shown that Data can kill a Borg in hand to hand combat ( the one where Lore was messing with his emotions ) and in a space battle although the Borg have vastly superior technology they lack the skill of thinking on their feet and improvising . Data has that skill in spades , and a army of Data’s would be a nightmare to out-think .

But the Borg are the Borg so maybe …

It would have to be Jimbo. It has been proven time and again that individual creative thinking vs. the hive mind wins every time.

Data could link with all of himselves as well, so he/they get to operate on an individual level as well as cooperatively. Data gone done it again. He/they’d win it.
…because the Borg are THE Borg. :smiley:

Then it was a good thing that the Star Trek writers killed of Loll, Data’s ‘daughter’. The two of them alone could have taken over the Ferderation.