Arrrggg! or someone wake me when it's over...

So far this week:

My garage door broke (again)
My master bathroom tub/toilet backed up (again)
I broke a glass flour canister (in the sink, thank God, so the mess was contained)
I got a fever blister.
I’ve woken up nearly every night nauseous.
I don’t know if I’ve done something unspeakably bad and have a backlog of negative karma, or if I’m using up all my good luck somehow, or if I have some stars in a really bad conjunction. If it’s the star thing, I wish they’d move!

Well, this morning, my poor SO who had been sooooo trying to get home early (cause we’re going out of town), came home to 4 degree outside temps with -18 wind chill, a bunch of stuff to unload, but no wait, FIRST… he had to thaw out the water pipes which had frozen last night while I slept, which meant he had to dig around the kitchen for the propane torch, fire extinguisher and lighter. No lighter. So trudges up stairs to get some matches, goes back to the basement, comes back up to go back up stairs (did I mention that his knees are arthritic?) because the matches didn’t work, then goes back to the basement, thaws out the pipes, starts to empty the litter box, starts carrying the 20+ lb litter box contents outside, bag breaks…

all of this at 5 am.

I’d offered to help by the way.

Poor, Zy, it sounds like you need to get drunk and try again next week.


I was gonna mention in your previous thread that your bathtub/toilet combination shouldn’t be behaving like that. A four-inch drain should be enough to handle both. So it sounds like there’s a blockage, either in the house or between the house and the {septic tank | city sewer}. I’d have it checked out.

Had a day like that a couple of days ago.

I woke up at 9 am. I was supposed to be to work at 8. So, we start to get the kids ready for day care. I walk in to my son’s room, only to discover that my daughter had gotten hold of one of the Christmas presents, a candle-making kit that I’d bought for my stepson’s older sister. She’d wanted to play with it the night before, but I told her over and over again, “no, that’s not yours. It’s Andrea’s.” She eventually quit asking for it, so I thought she got the message. Wrong. It was destroyed.

SO, we pack up the kids and load them in to the car. I stayed here to finish getting ready. My husband comes home–with my daughter in tow. She’s got lice. Again. This time, though, it’s gotta be my fault. I thought I did everything I needed to do, then I remembered that out of all the effing laundry I did the first time she got them a few weeks ago, I neglected to wash her coat.

So we get in the car to take me to work, by now 2 hours late. My husband called his work and asks if it’s okay to bring our daughter with him (he works in a music store with lots of employees). He tells them precisely why, lice and all. The girl working the counter says “Sure! We can keep an eye on her.” So my husband takes her to work. He came home for a minute, after picking up our son from day care, and headed back to work. He came back a half-hour later, just shaking with anger. His boss had ripped him a new one for bringing our daughter up there with lice, and said she didn’t want HIM back in there until we ALL had been cleared by a doctor.

Things have gotten a bit better. I got a new present for Andrea, washed all the stuff again, and my husband’s boss apologized for going off on him (likewise, my husband apologized for not clearing it with the boss first).

Sigh. I hate days when a whole bunch of bad stuff happens all at once.

And a recap.

Part of the problem is that I don’t know where my cleanout valve is. But that may have been incidental.

I first had a problem just over 3 months ago (important). I called Roto Rooter and they guy came out. Because we couldn’t locate the cleanout, he had to clean the line through the stack, which meant he had to get on the (metal) roof. :eek: I had a problem again a couple of days later, they came out again and went through the bathtub drain this time. (The first time, I was the first person the plumber got to. The second time, the plumber had been working several hours with Very Unpleasant Stuff. Ewwwww - I had to fumigate the bathroom after he left.)

Then I had the problem I report previously. Because it cleared itself up as soon as I stopped up the tub, I just resolve to never flush and drain at the same time - and to get the enzyme pipe cleaner.

But today the tub simply stopped draining, so I called Roto-rooter again. This time they pulled the toilet!!! and ran their biggest blade all the way to the street. So hopefully this is the end of this problem (knock on wood & keeping finger crossed)

Oh, and the cleanout may not have helped because only my (master) bathroom had a problem. The front bathroom worked fine.

Oh yeah, and the original call had had a 90 day warranty and it was just out of warranty. If I had called them on the previous incident, it would have still been under warranty. :: banging head against wall ::