Arrrr!!!! It be TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY!!

Avast matees! According to this web site today (9/19) be Talk Like A Pirate Day!:

Aye!! that it be!



Arrr, be anyone new joinin’ me ship, the Ted? I’ve no link, but searching me as cap’n ought to turn it up. It be in MPSIMS.


ARRRRR. And it’s navigatin’ this here computer with one eye, I am. Me scurvy daughter let me borrow her black eye patch this morning. ARRRR.

Avast! Ye saved me the trouble startin’ this link! Me wonders why there be so many scurvy lubbers aboard the SDMB!

An’ supposin’ Oi decided t’ talk like a poirrate t’day, wot’s in it fer me?

Arrrrrr. Um, arrrrrr!!!

Sorry, Baba, you missed it! Today is “Talk Like Someone Who Totally Missed Talk Like A Pirate Day” :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: