Avast! It's that time of year again.

Saturday is Talk Like a Pirate Day.


My five-year-old son read about it in his Lego Club magazine. His only question was “Do I have to talk like a pirate?” I assured him that it was optional and he was quite relieved.

Points off for thread title. Editorial suggestion:

Avast! It’s that time of Yarrrrrrrr! again.

Dang! I wandered in here thinking that it was time to update my anti-virus.

As you were.


The (latest) Dread Pirate Roberts damands your booty!


I’ll be at a colonial fair Saturday but I won’t be a Pirate. Around here, Pirates are last place. <G>

OK, I’ll talk like a pirate:

“Give me millions of dollars or I will take your property and shoot your crew in the head so that their brains and blood spatter and they will be dead, leaving their wives and families desolated and possibly destitute”.

Pirates. So romantic and funny.


Aye, methinks he’s not quite in the proper spirit o’ the holiday, is he, the scurvy dog? Yarrrr, we’ll keelhaul him and he’ll show some spark then, and no mistakin’!!!

:: checking the point o’ me dagger ::

How do you say that in Somali?

Avast, the word is out! Ahoy! 'Tis time to talk pirate, me hearties - CNN.com

Arr! Me gots to rember… rememem… gots to take me bottle o’ rum to shul and have a drink for me fo’c’sle mateys!

12.5%! 12.5%!

Yarr, yer percentages vex and puzzle me. Why ye be sayin’ 'em?

“Pieces of 8!”


We’ll be keelhaulin’ ye for that, ye know…

It’s also my birthday. I should get a pirate themed cake. :slight_smile:

See here, pal, I don’t want to talk like a pirate, I don’t want to talk like a pirate at all. I wanna see a talk like a 20’s tough guy day and I wanna see it now.

Why I aughta… maybe I wil.

My band has a gig tomorrow night. I sent out an e-mail to our fan base telling them we were playing on TLAP day.

Someone replied that the guitar players had to use “Barrgh” chords.

We’ll be hangin’ the bilge rat from the nearest yardarm.