Ask a black gay guy!

C’mon, be brave, ask me anything. :smiley:

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Have you always been black?


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Do your parents know you’re black?

How come I’m not rich?

You’ve been on the boards for nearly 5 years and only 120 something posts?
What’s up with that?
You dang lurker!
I hates me some lurkers!

Also, you know of any hot sisters down in the Atlanta area that might give a poor white man a chance to get his jungle fever on?

So does the phrase “on the down-low” (black slang for gay but closeted) have any meaning? I’ve heard it on a few Law & Order episodes.

Don’t you ever get sick of rap music?

Don’t you think that much sugar in your Kool-Aid is unhealthy?

Serious question:

How is the AIDS crises affecting the black homosexual community? The last information I had on the matter was that AIDS was afflicting that demographic group harder than any other in the US. Is this still the case?

Have you ever been been discriminated against on the basis of skin color or sexual orientation? If so, which is more common or annoying? Has the combination caused any sort of hybrid discrimination or abuse? Also, to get a better frame of reference, where do you live? And finally, do you believe in the existence of extra-terrestrials?

Hypothetically, if some wiseasses on an internet message board asked you a bunch of questions about various ethnic stereotypes, would you be annoyed by that? :wink:

To plagiarize a little bit from the previous post, Have you ever been been discriminated against on the basis of skin color within the gay “community”? Some areas/towns seem to be all about “the look”. The West Hollywood clone look, the “rugged outdoors” look, things like that.

Have you ever considered converting to Judaism in order to gain the coveted American Minority Status Triple Crown.

Do you agree with me that Usher is hot?

What did you have for supper?

:::gazes at picture:::

So…how you doin’?


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Do you have to be black to be a black gay guy? Or gay? or a guy?

Can I be a white straight woman and still be a black gay guy?

How does it work?

Is there still construction on I-94? :smiley:


It refers to men, usually very straight-acting, married black men, who have sex with other men. It is fair to note that “masculine” and DL are not interchangeable. In chatrooms, especially black gay chatrooms, this is abbreviated as simply: DL.

I believe On the Down Low originated from Tevin Campbell’s album by, linguistically speaking, the same title. Ironically, Tevin Campbell was arrested in 1999 for soliciting sex from an undercover gigalo.

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