Ask the Putz!

Consider this my official submission of my form 0069.

You did learn much, pass it on. But do not be afraid to continue to grow, grasshopper.


Okay, entrance criteria is valid.
You have now been certified a “True Putz”
by the CPO. Welcome aboard. Do you prefer
a brand or tatoo?

Definately a brand,

I yam what I yam, but a yam is but a root, correct?

WAIT a minute. Why was I branded on the thigh???

Anyone wanna come kiss it better?

Straining to be nice…


OOOHHHHH!!! ME! ME! ME! :wink:

I wanna be a Putzette too Silo ! But if you bring that branding iron near me, I’ll smack you !

And you know I can do it too ! :wally

And WAIT A MINUTE! I could have gotten a TATTOO instead???

Silo…you got some 'splainin to do. tapping foot

Another tattoo is definitely worth consideration.

So what, pray tell, would this tatoo look like?

And do I get to pick the artist?


You can be a putzette too, but you’re gonna have to put out!



So you want a tatoo,

Silo: <pulls Ayesha’s pants down, and draws little blue putzette tatoo on “left hiney”>
Ayesha:<too excited for words>
Silo: :smiley:

Tatoo looks like this:

Certified Grade A

Tatoo is 2.5 in in length and 3/4 in. wide.

Hey i’m the artist, that’s the idea. :wink:


:stuck_out_tongue: Now we have duel SILENT-BOBs.

Yes??? You can prove you’re sorry through backrubs and smooches. :wink: