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Let the questioning begin!

These days, how does one become a certified putz?

You secretly find Hilary Clinton attractive, don’t you?

You have to work your way up the “ladder of Putz.” Only through recieving successive putzing do you attain the role of Putz. Yeah, that’s it. And i’m the CPO, Cheif Putz Officer. I have a golden stamp that says, “You are now a certified Putz!” After recieving successive putzing, you have to fill out the “I wanna be a Putz, form 0069” and give two references. Then you just have to wait…
If I judge you to be a “true Putz” I shine up “the stamp” stick it in the furnace, and brand you on your left hiney. You have then, and the CPO means ONLY then! become a certified Putz!

My GoD! are you kidding, shes sooooooo hot!
Every time I go to KFC I order 2 small breasts
2 large theighs! I put em in my mouth and go ooooh
Hilary your theighs are so good!!!
A Putz can dream can’t he.

Why does my name look like that moderator, but not my signature?

Congratulations, Silo. You’ve just been out-putzed!

second on NTG’s post.

what a pecker head.

Question has been ignored.

Ahem, that wasn’t a “true-putz,” but a mere “sockputz-imposteree.” Sockputzes are a form of putz which hos thou failed the “Putz certification protocol,” hence a reject.


So a true putz is a putz only as a function of his own misfunction. Ergo, diliberate disfunction is not Putzism but asshole - and thus both a bore and not worthy of regard?

Your statement has been unanimously agreed apon by the “The Board of Putzes”

This does bear thinking on.

Thanks for the insight, Silo. Thought I was being facetious, but it is something to consider.

You’re on your way to becoming a “True Putz.” Bravo!

Can I be a Putz? Or am I already?

Sure, you can be a Putz, but to be a “True Putz” you must fill out the “I wanna be a Putz, form 0069.” Then I will make a judgement.

Can I be a Putzette? Please?

Don’t feel bad, Silo, I know that there isn’t a man here who would pass up a chance to bang Hilary Clinton.

It might take a beer, it might take a keg, but all of you would love to climb behind that huge white ass and smack it like


You can see the appeal in that, right?

Ok, ladies get free Putzette certification.
You’re the first, Falcon!

Silo: It’s branding time!
Falcon: Yay!
Silo: <inserts HOT brand onto left theigh>
Silo: Congrads! Your the first Putzette!

Oh yeah, you’d be an instant celeb.

I hear Chelsea’s lookin’ pretty good these days.
Heheh, <command> do the first daughter! yes! do her NOW!</command>
Secret Service: <gunshots have been fired>