At last! Guys, here's how to impress your girlfriends!

Apparently by killing and mutilating your German Shepard…ah, what some men will do for love… :rolleyes:

I always went for the baby rabbit thing. Dogs can bite back.

I swear to goodness somebody needs to reboot this fucking world.

And this girl didn’t fall all over herself rushing back into his arms?! Women these days, always expecting the moon. :rolleyes:

That poor dog, I hope this schmuck at least did it quickly. It sounds to me like he’s a few cards short of a deck—I hope he gets treatment wherever he ends up.
Did anyone else find it refreshing to hear a parent admit that–yeah, his kid probably is dangerous?


Do we need to repost Rainbow Bridge again for the dog lovers?

I should reckon that’s just about as insane as you can get.

All I can say is, that’s just slightly less sick then killing girls to impress (or at least obey) one’s dog.

Yknow, I really love this guy. But I want to impress my wife. Where is he again, and where’s my sword. Fuckin’ idjit.

What? He couldn’t be bothered to try assassinating the president??? Men today are such slackers. :wally

Oh! Ye of little imagination!

Hey, that nut wasn’t even obeying HIS dog, it was the neighbor’s.

But at least he was denied parole this week.
(Son of Sam ref.)

Have either of you read A Boy and His Dog?

Fuckwigget, asstocking, jizzbuffer. There, I have creatively expressed my anger for this walking ejaculatory mistake. Thank you for your time.

Have either of you read A Boy and His Dog? **

Forgot about that. We just had a rather notorious serial killer denied parole this week in NY, where CMK and I live. He claimed the dog next door told him to go kill people.

I shall go back to my old method of impressing women: cleaning the wax out of my ears.

…with my tongue. :stuck_out_tongue:

I rather like the last one.

Teach me this trick. I have some money.

I rather like the last one.

Teach me this trick. I have some money.

Maybe it would have been better if he had tried to pull a Van Gogh…and bled to death.

Domestic violence batterers frequently harm animals as a way of demonstrating to their victim, “what I am doing to this animal, I can also do to you”. It is likely that this sick individual came from an abusive home and learned this behavior from a real gem of a parent. That doesn’t excuse his sick behavior, but it does illustrate the price society pays if children are not protected from abusive environments.

Nevertheless, could someone please arrange to have tattoing “Do Not Date” on this guy’s forehead? Tattoo to be removed at the state’s expense if his behaviour changes and he understands why it creeps people out.

No! No! No! Rescuing the neighbor’s dog, spending beaucoup bucks on vet bills shows a girl how much love you’re capable of. This action only shows destruction.


He isn’t just a few cards short, he’s the discarded jokers left in the box.

I have, and it was almost the first thing I thought of.

Now there’s an example of a guy with his priorities in the right place.