Atlanta Dopers...need info please...

My office is closing. Those of us who are willing to relocate may find jobs. I have an opportunity in Peachtree City outside of Atlanta. My question is…

Can I support two kids there on 40,000 a year? This concerns me the most of course. And moving away from my main means of emotional support, my family. Are the schools OK in this area? What is the cost of living like? How much is housing? Otherwise are there nearby communities that I might commute from with better cost of living standards?

I know that if I have to move I’ll be worried for awhile in a strange place being a single mother, but I’ve never been to Atlanta either and the prospect does sound a little exciting. The warmer weather is certainly appealing. Any info you can give me would be appreciated.


Here’s some starter info, Needs2know:

Peachtree City is an upscale suburb located about 20 miles southwest of Atlanta, about 8 miles from I-85. In general, housing in this region is cheaper than the national average. If you look in Peachtree City proper, though, you may get some sticker shock. It is a planned community with an emphasis on golf and tennis. It’s not unusual for residents to get around town on golf carts - in fact there are paved trails in some parts of the city just for that purpose. Peachtree City even has DUI laws that address golf carts.

Here are some online information stops:
Official P’tree City site.

Lots of P’tree City info here, including real estate listings.
Another P’tree City site (30269 is the zip code)

Some other larger cities within a ~20 mile radius include Griffin and Newnan. You may want to check those areas out as well.

Hey!! Come on down!! Wherever you decide to live, I’ll treat you and the kids to your first trip to Stone Mountain laser show!!

Peachtree City is a pretty fancy area all right, but there are other towns around there, as DoctorJackson attests to, that are a great deal more reasonably priced. Gas here is dropping to $1.26 too, can’t beat that with a stick, can you?? :wink:

Thanks for the info guys…I pulled a little something up on this yesterday and did get a little jolt. Especially looking at housing prices. Had a pretty good feeling with a name like Peachtree City that it was an upscale bedroom community. I’m from Richmond, Virginia but Northern Virginia up around Arlington and DC if full of places like this.

Scared to death to move away. My son is only 9 and too goofy to realize that if we do he won’t be seeing his cousins much anymore. My daughter is 16 and does not want to leave at all even though she is getting set to find a culinary school for after she graduates.

I know it sounds like I make a good living, and I guess I do by a lot of people’s standards but you know how it is…by the time they take retirement, taxes, insurance, etc. there is a lot less spendable dough. We don’t live high on hog anyway.

I was hoping that if I did have to relocate that I might be able to have a couple of friends waiting for me there. Someone that I could get a little advice from about the new city.

Thanks for the input, and the invite.


It’s always hardest on the kids isn’t it??? :frowning: I lived in Richmond, VA back in 1978, and enjoyed it a lot. We’re glad to have you consider us as your next home, and Atlanta has a great deal to offer, plus it’s usually cheaper to live here…EXCEPT Peachtree City, Buckhead, or Smokerise…that’s a fancy subdivision down from us, here in Stone Mountain.

Give me a holler when you hit town!


Sure thing Anti…I love the South and even though there are lots of places in this country I’d be thrilled to visit I cannot imagine living anywhere else. My other option might be Columbus, Ohio, not but a couple of hours away from my aunt and cousins in Bloomington, Indiana. I just don’t want to go there. Indiana was great when I was a kid, but I don’t like all that snow now that I have to drive in it! Besides I’d miss the beautiful old homes, the pine trees, and collard greens!


My grandmother lived there, in Bloomington, Indiana, I mean!! That is so weird!!

I know that it would be nice if you could stay near family, if you could, but SNOW??? It’s a nice change, when it snowed here in Atlanta this past December, it was terrific, but then it melts, and that’s kind of nice too!

Are you going to have to move yourself [box fever time, ackkkkk!!] or be moved? Wherever you decide to go, I know they’ll be lucky to have you. I hope you have plenty of help, packing is a pain in the neck…literally!